4 Out of the Box Looks with Men’s Formal Wear

Men’s formal wear can be stylish and versatile. Whether you opt for suits or chinos and shirts, you must choose your footwear carefully to create fashionable formal looks. Mens loafer shoes complement a wide variety of formal outfits. They are convenient to wear and are available in various designs. If you want to make a style statement in formals, you should check out the following 4 out of the box looks with men’s formal wear.

  1. Business Suit and Classic Loafers

Team a smart business suit with a pair of stylish classic mens loafer shoes to be a head-turner. You try the Italian cut suits and matte finished loafers to get the perfect boss look. Although you can find the loafer shoes in various colours, opt for a pair of black leather loafers to wear with a suit. Style icons such as John.F.Kennedy and Gianni Agnelli have increased the popularity of mens loafer shoes by sporting them at various events.

  1. Chinos, Blazer, and Tassel Loafers

When you are attending a business meeting, you can wear a navy blue blazer, light blue shirt, and beige chinos. The indisputable combination of beige chinos and navy blazer works on all formal occasions. Team your outfit with brown tassel loafers for a classic look.

Small leather tassels on the shoes characterize the vintage tassel loafers.  The mens loafer shoes with tassel embellishment are durable, timeless, and versatile. Accessorize your outfit with a brown belt and a designer watch. Make sure that the colour of the belt matches the colour of the loafers.

  1. Striped Coat, Corduroy Pants, and Belgian Loafers

You can create a smart and offbeat formal look with a pair of fashionable corduroy pants. Team it with a printed shirt and a striped coat to get a stylish yet formal look that will be ideal for office parties.

Wear a pair of oxblood Belgian mens loafer shoes to complete the look. Belgian loafers are characterized by a small bow that contributes to the elegance of the footwear. This impressive formal outfit will fetch you plenty of compliments at the party.

  1. White dress shirt, Light Indigo denim, and Penny Loafers

White dress shirt and light indigo denim create a dashing formal wear. If you do not want to dress up formally, you can try this timeless combination of white and indigo. Team your outfit with a pair of tanned penny loafers to make a great style statement. Penny loafers are characterized by a small leather strip across the saddle.

Make sure that the fit of your jeans and shirt is ideal when you are trying out this formal look. Do not choose an extremely tight shirt or super skinny jeans. Straight fit jeans and a regular fit shirt will work the best for this formal look.

You can create 4 out of the box looks with men’s formal wear if you have the right pair of loafers. Mens loafer shoes add an extra dash of style and dapper to your formal look. They are soft, comfortable, and durable. Style your formal outfits with the perfect pair of loafers to create iconic fashionable looks.