4 Popular Wedding Band Styles

Celebrities and other regular folks have been known to choose to tattoo their wedding bands on their fingers. Don’t worry, though. There are still some beautiful and less painful ways to show that you are married.

Wedding bands are available in different styles, metals, and metal colors. Do you want a ring with diamonds or gemstones? You’ll find one. The wedding band style is also entirely up to you.

Wedding bands can play many functions apart from being a symbol of your love. You can use it to tone down the flair of your engagement ring, tone it up too, or complete the set. Most people go for wedding bands with metal colors that match those of their engagement ring. But it is not unheard of to go for a band of a different color. Are you confused yet? Not to worry, I know you don’t want to ask close friends and family in fear of opening the door to too many unsolicited advice. the following will help get you enlightened and up-to-date when it comes to wedding band styles.

  • The Classic Metal Band

This wedding band usually has no gemstones and can be crafted from platinum, white gold, yellow, or rose gold. You can also find it available in titanium or stainless steel. Most people go for bands made of platinum because it is the shiniest. It also has a way of developing a beautiful cover as the years go by, which can be buffed down to return the band to its original shine. The platinum band matches with engagement rings of every style and can also be used to layer other bands.

  • The Pavé Band

The pavé wedding band style features diamonds that are set into the metal resulting in an encrusted band. It could be of any pattern and has the sparkle of diamonds without the fancy prongs. If you had an engagement ring with a pavé band or a cushion cut solitaire with a pavé, this band style will make a great pairing partner.

  • The Eternity Band

Eternity bands have identically sized diamonds that go around the entire ring as a symbol of your love lasting for eternity. There are many eternity bands that you could go for, but the two most common are the Shared Prong Setting and the Channel Setting Eternity Band. If you intend to wear your wedding band without your engagement ring, this is the kind to go for as it makes a statement all on its own.

  • The Anniversary Band

The design of anniversary bands is similar to that of the eternity band, but the diamonds only go halfway around the ring. This is the one band that gives you the timeless look of the eternity ring without the problem of having large rocks between your fingers. You can pair this wedding band with any engagement ring that has the same setting.

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