5 reasons why you need one real fur coat in your closet!

There is always an ongoing debate on whether you should consider getting real fur over faux options. Yes, faux fur is cheaper, but there are some real benefits of real fur, especially for winterwear products like coats and jackets, which cannot be ignored. For instance, if you check Wolfie Fur coats, you will realize how popular the brand has become in a short time, simply because they focus on real fur. In this post, we are sharing tips on why you definitely need one real fur coat in your closet. 

  1. Because real fur is an investment. You don’t need many real fur coats and jackets – Just one, which is likely to last for a lifetime. In fact, real fur, with some basic care, can be an investment for your closet. 
  2. Because real fur is warm. If you live in colder regions of Canada, you have to be a tad more cautious while buying winterwear, because protection against the weather is important. That’s exactly where real fur scores high. You will find a wide range of real fur coats, which are not merely stylish, but extremely warm and comfortable. 
  3. Because this is a statement. One of the other reasons to buy real fur is for your style statement. No matter what some people may say, you will never really get bored of real fur, and it always remains in fashion. Think of any occasion where you need to feel warm and extremely in vogue, and you will find that a real fur coat just fits in. 
  4. Because durability is important. With faux fur, you have to inevitably replace the product at some point, which isn’t a concern with real fur. Expect good quality real fur coats to look the same for many years, or a decade. 
  5. Because you are saving money. Yes, real fur is expensive for sure, but think of this – you don’t have to replace the product anytime soon, so in a way, you are saving huge and don’t need to buy many winterwear items at the same time. 

Just make sure that you buy from a brand that you can trust, and do check their collection in detail to find a design or style that is likely to match your personal style statement. The good news is most brands are now online, so you don’t really need to step out. Take a moment to check the size chart, so that the fit is exactly the same as you are expecting.