6 Minimalist Bags to Invest In Now and Own Forever

Whether you have a casual day with friends lined up ahead or a formal business meeting to look forward to, bags are the first thing you need to ensure you are ready to face the day. Now more so than ever in this fast-paced lifestyle, bags are a wardrobe essential for reasons that range from practicality to fashion. Not only elevating your outfit instantly, but bags are also the best tool for being organized and carrying your essential items in style.

With the latest collection of versatile bags on Metro Shoes, you will always have the perfect accessory for any look. Here are the most popular options for you to check out:

  1. Handbags: Handbags are a classic option you can never go wrong with. These are incredibly stylish and convenient and feature a simple strap that can either be carried over your shoulder or in your hand. The varieties that Metro Shoes offers are made of high-quality leather with multiple spacious compartments separated by comfortable zip closures.
  2. Satchel Bags: These bags are similar to handbags in terms of looks. However, these have an additional long strap that adds convenience and appeal. Satchel Bags are meant to be worn crossbody or over your shoulder. They also have a shorter belt.
  3. Sling Bags: Sling bags are typically smaller purses in size that are attached to a long, thin strap that is very easy to carry. These bags are ideal for carrying small essentials like keys, wallets, cards, receipts, cash, phone, and such. You can find these on Metro Shoes in many solid, vibrant colors and print options that will surely complement any outfit.
  4. Clutches: The absence of any straps to carry this purse is one of the critical features of this product. Clutches are horizontal purses that usually only have one large compartment. The clutches on Metro Shoes have a smaller compartment to separate your change. In addition, these have a convenient magnetic closure and are available in embellished and printed choices.
  5. Potlis: This is an ethnic accessory you can pair with many different outfits. Essentially a pouch with a drawstring to open and close, this is one of the most stylish accessories you could add to your wardrobe. You can find these on Metro Shoes in various options of florals, stripes, and such designs. These potlis also feature a sling, making it an artistic, fashionable bag.
  6. Tote Bags: Tote bags are large and unfastened bags that are currently all the rage. Available in different materials like leather, cloth, synthetic and such, you can find your favorites from many options on Metro Shoes. These bags feature two sturdy straps that go over your shoulder for all your desired looks.

Check out the above-listed bags and more on Metro Shoes at extremely affordable rates. Start shopping!