A List of Fresh Flower Recommendations for Delivery Around Singapore 

Bouquets and single flowers are ideal for practically any occasion. Almost every flower is associated with a historical mood that sends a message. Learning the language of flowers will make you feel more secure in your choices. Here are a few recommendations for the next fresh flower order for delivery from your Singapore florist according to the occasion.

#1 Weddings

Wedding flower trends change with the seasons, with colours and patterns frequently matching fashion and home décor trends. The following are other recommendations for decorations and hand bouquets for your Singapore wedding.

  • Amaryllis represents love and dedication.
  • Calla lilies are both majestic and graceful.
  • Gardenias represent happiness.
  • Hydrangeas represent endurance and sincere emotion.

#2 Valentine’s Day

Lovers have historically presented flowers that symbolise their bond. The most popular choice for fresh flower delivery around Singapore on this day is roses in glorious colours. The best colours to choose from are the following:

  • Red represents passion.
  • White represents pure affection.
  • Yellow represents friendliness.
  • Coral represents desire.
  • Pink represents admiration.
  • Primroses represent new love and new beginnings.

#3 Special Occasions

Almost any flower variety is an ideal choice. However, you may make it even more unique by considering the meaning of specific varieties. The following are excellent flower selections for hand bouquets your florist in Singapore can make on any occasion.

  • Camellias are the representation of perfection and delicacy
  • Daffodils represent honesty and forgiveness.
  • Daisies are the blooms that stand for innocence and fun.
  • Dahlias represent transformation and enthusiasm.
  • Iris represents faith, bravery, and wisdom.
  • Orchids are associated with love, elegance, beauty, charm, and strength.

#4 Birthdays

Your relationship with the individual determines the blooms to include in their birthday flower bouquet. The choices are:

  • Pink carnations represent gratitude.
  • Red chrysanthemums convey sharing and that you love them.
  • Forget-me-nots tell them that you want them to remember.
  • Geraniums represent warmth and loyal friendship.
  • Jasmine represents grace and elegance.

#5 Sympathy or Funerals

Floral funeral displays and condolence wreath arrangements around Singapore come in various shapes and sizes. Families can use the flower arrangements during the service, taken home, and later, on the grave. The following are ideal blooms to include:

  • Lilies are for restoring the innocence of the departed.
  • Gladioli represents character strength, moral integrity, and honesty.
  • Red carnations represent admiration.
  • Pink carnations symbolise memory.
  • Chrysanthemums are a tribute to their life.
  • White flowers represent respect.
  • Red roses are for showing respect, love, and courage.
  • Crimson flowers are for regret and sorrow.
  • Orchids are symbols of sympathy and eternal love.

#6 Mother’s Day

Your mom will appreciate a fresh flower delivery from her favourite Singapore florist on this day for mothers. Consider giving her a spring bouquet of mixed blooms if she enjoys them all. Here are some floral ideas to go by:

  • Gerbera daisies symbolise happiness
  • White lilacs represent youth and childlike innocence.
  • Daylilies are the representation of every mother.
  • Lily-of-the-valley is for showing pure love and tenderness
  • Red Tulips can help declare your love

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