A Simple Guide to Buy Baby Car Seats

Are you a new parent? You will definitely need a car seat for babies? How to choose the best car seat? Noon is here to help new parents to buy car seats for newborn and growing babies. It provides wide range of baby products and brands including the car seats suitable for your lifestyle.

Before parents jump into the markets or online search, it is essential to understand there are regulations about baby car seating such as i-Size (R44 or R129). These are used Europe, America and even in Middle East (UAE). The R44 types of seats are safe but new i-Size car seats are safest. We at Noon present special Noon Coupon Code for parents who want to buy these car seats for their babies.

Two Options for Parents:

There are two basic types of baby car seats. The first one is designed for infants or newborn babies. Parents usually need these seats when they bring their newborn babies at home from hospitals. These seats come with special straps and belts to ensure zero movement. On the other hand, second type is for growing babies who can sit. These seats have wider sticking belts so the babies will feel comfortable. Parents can also buy portable baby seats with carrying handles.

What to See When Buying Baby Car Seats?

Parents who have little knowledge about the baby car seats must visit Noon. They can discover a wide range of car seats for babies. This visit also provides further details about the features of car seats.

Rear facing: All seats for babies come in rear facing. It is the safest approach for babies in travel. Rear seats of a car are safe locations. Buying front facing seats is not a good idea. This is a reason you will find rear facing seats in the markets. However, front facing baby seats are also available especially for the infants. Buy both types of seats at a discounted price with the help of a Noon Coupon Code. Don’t forget to disable the airbags after installing front facing seats.

Side impact safety: At Noon store, new parents can see side impact protection seats. These are excellent for babies. These seats come with side cushions. These cushions are best to absorb the impact or force in case of any car accident. It also ensures that your baby will receive less shock on head, neck, spine and muscles.

Quality straps: There are different types of straps with baby car seats. The most common straps used for these seats come with buckles. On the other hand, sticking or magic straps are also common. Both types are good. However, parents should buy car seats having magic straps as these are comfortable for the kids.

Carry handle: Baby car seats for infants usually have a carry handle. Parents can remove the seat from car and make it a baby carry. This portable function enables the parents to feel easy during movement. However, it is essential to prefer the high quality carry handle seats. Discover the discounted variety of modern seats for your babies at Noon. Apply a verified Noon Coupon Code before you start payment.

5-Point Harness Vs Impact Shield:

Be careful about these two types of protection features. Baby car seats come with either 5-point harness or impact shield protection. No doubt, purpose of both features is to ensure safety of a baby but there are some elements to observe. The first one is not more effective as babies can wriggle their hands or arms out of the harness. Use a latest Noon Coupon Code to buy a baby car seat with impact shield as it is better than others.