American Document- Paying Ode to the 165-Year-Old Tradition

Timex’s journey from a simple watch manufacturer to one of the world’s leading icons is both inspiring and intriguing. Established in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, the company has not only created many astounding watch models that have left the world stunned but also enabled the company to emerge as a dominant force in the watch manufacturing industry. The company’s impressive collection includes watches for boys, men, women, affordable and premium watches, among others. The company recently celebrated its 165th birthday with the launch of yet another piece of marvelous engineering called American Documents.

American Ingenuity at Its Best

American Documents is a perfect example of American innovation and ingenuity. The watch is a continuation of the Timex legacy and is a typically American made product. Barring the movement, which is Swiss made and the only foreign component of the watch, the rest of the products are American. The straps have been made from American cowhides and perfectly gel with the dial and movement. The cowhides are sourced from S.B. Foot Tanning, a company located in Red Wing. Founded in 1872, the company has for over a century, been involved in the business of processing leather which is used in the manufacturing of shoes, belts and other such products.

The watch has been created with the highest precision and apart from replacing the battery, which is an occasional feature, it requires minimal maintenance. The front side of the watch’s case features a crystal. Constructed from Gorilla Glass 3 NDR, the rough and tough crystal covers the dial.

An inset coin in Aged Waterbury Bass is located on the backside of the watch. It features a map of the Continental United States along with the Timex logo. The logo is also featured on the crown in the initials TX. The dials have been created from US-sourced bass and feature a date window. The dials are simple and pleasing to the eyes and draw their inspiration from the clocks and pocket watches that were manufactured by the company during its early days.

Complementing the watch is the premium packaging. Every American Documents watch is neatly packaged in a case that has been created with indigenous cherry wood and crafted by some of the finest artisans of the country. The brass hinges add to the aesthetic appeal of the watch and its packaging.

A Tribute to the US

In a bid to capture the culture, people, and landscapes of the United States and celebrate the launch of American Documents, Timex had teamed up with Bryan Schutmaat, an American photographer based in Texas. The aim of the partnership was to create a visual diary that would elegantly chronicle the landscape culture and people of the country. Every individual who purchases the watch will get a downloadable image of the photographs.

Currently, the watch is available in the United States and in Tokyo at the Timex flagship store. The watch will soon be made available in more markets across the world including India. American Documents is simple yet elegant and sophisticated. With smartwatches price in India hovering in thousands to lakhs of rupees, Timex watches are worth considering as they are high on features, functionality, and looks and would surely not pinch the pocket.