An Overview About The Ferrari 14s Red

The Ferrari 14s Red was designed keeping in mind Michael Jordan’s love for Ferrari. You can see the quality and the fabrics by taking a peek at the red-colored shoe with the Jordan logo on the side and at the front of the shoe. The Ferrari 14s Red is a soft and high-quality shoe that has gained a lot of attention among sneaker and Jordan lovers. Today we have written an overview of the Ferrari 14s Red and why it is loved by people globally.

What is the Ferrari 14s Red?

With the Air Jordans release in 1985, the sneaker manufacturing unit has come a long way in inspiring and setting trends for many sneaker lovers. The Air Jordan 14 is not the only sneaker designed by taking inspiration from various famous automobiles.

The Ferrari 355F1 was the main inspiration behind Ferrari 14s Red. The Ferrari was Jordan’s go-to car during the mid-90s. The famous Ferrari 14s Red hit the shelves on September 06, 2014.

What makes the Ferrari 14s Red different?

The Ferrari 14s Red is known for its famous premium red-colored suede paired with bright yellow accents. The shoe has a Ferrari-inspired Jordans logo at the ankle collar. The heel tab has Jumpman 23 branding on it.

What makes the Ferrari 14s Red unique is that the midfoot has a look and feel of carbon fiber plating accompanying a metallic silver vent like the grills for breathability. Though the shoe uses features from the late 90s, the shoes are comfortable to date and can be worn without any issues.

Most people have a misconception that the Ferrari 14s Red shoes can only be used during sports. That is, however, not the case. They are so comfortable and good-looking that you can use them as casual wear.

Why do people love Ferrari 14s Red?

The main reason people prefer buying Ferrari 14s Red is that they only sell high-quality shoes. You cannot complain about the quality or the performance of the shoes. During the 1998 NBA finals, Jordan first wore the Air Jordan 14.

At that time, Hatfield specifically asked Jordan not to wear them, but Jordan did not listen to his advice and wore them anyway. That match is still remembered by many because that was the game when Jordan scored 45 points in 44 minutes of play, and the game was remembered as “The Last Shot.”

This created a deep relationship with the shoes among the fans and is also considered one of the best Air Jordan 14 of all time.

Final thoughts

This was an overview of the Ferrari 14s Red and why everyone loves this particular Jordan. You can buy Ferrari 14s Red from Hype Your Beast for $190.