Beautiful Christmas Handmade Ornaments

Christmas is a time of great celebration. And we all strive very hard to decorate our home, Christmas tree etc. and bring a lot of stuffs from shops to decorate our tree. We bring various kinds of tinkles, jingles, lights, bells, etc. and decorate our Christmas tree. But here’s a suggestion to use hand made woolen decoration items for your Christmas tree. It is always better to use environment sentient products. These woolen Christmas decorations are specially produced by the use of organic constituents. These environment products are very natural and you would love this handmade Christmas Ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments –

  • Felt Wool White Balls – These white balls are perfect Christmas decoration. And they are purely made of wool. These balls come with a set of 6. These woolen balls are fair trade certified. Decorating your tree with these woolen balls will look very beautiful.
  • Red Snowflakes – Felt ornaments red snowflakes are also a beautiful set of 4 star shaped snowflakes which are hand made. These stars can be placed on top of the Christmas tree as a Star of Bethlehem resemblance.
  • White & Blue Garland – These garlands are purely handmade with wool. These are made from 100% wool and are 4ft long. You can also use these garlands to circle your Christmas tree and it will look all wrapped with beauteous wool like snowflakes which has just fallen.
  • Snowman Balls – Pack of 6 snowman woolen ball ornament is also available. This ornament which is hand made can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. The price is very reasonable it may cost somewhere around 19$.
  • Other woolen Ornaments – There are also other woolen ornaments which are available to decorate your Christmas tree. It includes mice ornaments, Santa Clause ornaments and other little stars and snowflakes. It comes in various colors from white to red, and mixed. Its all fair trade certified.

There are also various other woolen ornaments which are hand made available online. These products are very environment friendly. And the dye which is used in this is also eco friendly. So these products are absolutely harmless and make a quite peaceful Christmas tree decoration.