Best Micro-needling Beauty Techniques To Create Real-like Semi-permanent Illusions

The features that you once had but lost to age or the ones you weren’t born with aren’t a cause of worry anymore. You can still have them!

With the development of cosmetic marvels like Microblading, Nano-needling, tricopigmentation, and lip tinting, it’s possible to design your face the way you want it. Wondering what are these procedures that we are talking about? If so, just read this guide on the cosmetic services provided at Kad Brows in Montreal.

Cosmetic Cocktails to Enhance Beauty

#1. For The Life Of Brows

Microblading at Kad Brows microblading salon is an art that’s used to add pigments to the brows to make them fuller, darker, and brighter.

The pigments aren’t added randomly though. Microblading is done with a handheld tool that is made up of multiple needles that are used to draw the brows so that every single stroke resembles real hair.

#2. Lip Shading and Contouring

Nano-needling at Kad Brows offers 2-in-1 benefits.

  1. It makes the lips plumper.
  2. The needles are used to add the pigments you want. Most popular pigments are red and pink, though.

It is also a semi-permanent technique that requires touch-ups.

#3. For the Illusion Of Hair

Balding and semi-balding are heartbreaking for men and women alike. For the purpose of treating it, you can always opt for tricopigmentation at Kad Brows.

Wondering what is it?

Well, tricopigmentation is a form of nano-needling procedure that’s used to create a scalp tattoo that resembles the illusion of buzz cut hairstyles.

It is also a very effective treatment to create an illusion of fuller hair. Forbye, it lasts for a pretty long time.

Now, these are a few advanced cosmetic techniques that can be used to create whatever features that you like. That said though, the procedure isn’t as simple as it sounds.

It’s a tricky tattooing art that’s superficially invasive. Thus, the first precaution is choosing a reputable salon with technicians highly experienced in microblading and nano-needling. Once you zero down to a clinic, it’s time to understand that these procedures need time.

  1. The specialist first carefully examines your skin type and skin tone.
  2. Following which, an appointment is made to perform the actual procedure.
  3. Microblading in particular requires at least 3-4 hours.
  4. The next follow up is scheduled in 4 weeks. It’s for a final touch-up to do any addition if required.

On a closing note, whichever technique you pick, it isn’t permanent like a tattoo. Since it’s superficial, it will lighten over a period of time. The difference being, when done at salons like Kad Brows, the results last for a good 6-12 months before touch ups are needed.