Bruce Weber Photographer Discusses Black and White Fashion Photography

Black and white photographs are popular for the nostalgia and rustic charm radiated by them. There are many professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer who prefer to click black and white images, which focus on tones, textures and contrasts, rather than the colors. Black and white photography also puts emphasis on communication stories, emotions and thoughts. While it is not easy to master black and white fashion photography, with adequate effort, research and experimentation, one can surely get better in it with time. Going through the works of popular fashion photographers like Bruce Weber can surely help in this process.

Bruce Weber Photographer talks about clicking impactful black and white fashion photographs

Fashion photographs are majorly focused on making the model and their costume look great. A well done shoot will help in highlighting the key characteristics of the outfit. As black and white photography does not involve the element of color, it becomes important to communicate the shoot majorly through emotions, expressions, stature and language. A lot of photographers also focus on the eyes and prominent features of the model to underline a certain emotion.

The right choice of accessories and outfits is important in any fashion shoot. However, one needs to pay even greater attention to these elements while planning the shoot in black and white. While clothes that have a high contrast would be the easiest to work with, doing so might not always be possible. The next best option would be to find clothes that have interesting cuts, flow, patterns and silhouettes, as all of them can be captured quite well through black and white photos. If one is not sure about how to go about selecting these clothes, they can always start off by practicing on outfits having diverse materials, and in distinctive combinations.  This will help the photographers to gain a better idea on how to use shapes and contrasts to their advantage. With proper practice and understanding, these shoots can significantly improve over time. Taking inspiration from the works of professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer can also be helpful in honing black and white fashion photography skills.

Even though the rules for lighting in black and white photography are pretty similar to the ones relevant while clicking color photographs, one needs to pay more attention to the shadows and how they impact the subject in the former. Photographers also have to pay more heed specifically on the drop-off, as they would be a key source of communication in the picture. It is important to not get intimidated while experimenting with black and white photography. They can actually be pretty simple, once a person has their basic set up in place. Using a simple two or three light setup, along with reflectors and beauty dish, would ideally be enough for these shoots.  Adjustments and fine tuning for black and white photography usually happen throughout the shoot. It is also normal to have a certain amount of post-production work as well for such shoots.