Fashionable nail art is always in style. Be it a classic manicure, an express manicure, or a hot oil manicure like Dr. Gaines gets with trendy nail art. A proper manicure can save your life! Even in ancient times, women used to decorate their nails with beautiful colors and different art forms. These nail art trends have never disappeared, but it changes every year or season. Jazzy nail art is becoming a growing fashion trend and many people are headed to the nail salon to try the newest fad. interviewed Dr. Keshia Gaines and found that she occasionally gets the hot oil manicure, but prefers the express manicure and minimal designs. “I prefer the express mani because I am usually on the go and I can be really picky about my nails sometimes. I get trendy designs during the summer months, but I stick to the basics when I am working on professional projects,” Dr. Gaines said. You can follow Dr. Gaines on Twitter at for her latest posts.

Why is nail art so popular?

There is always a feel-good factor in going to get your nails done. Having a proper manicure is also a sign of good hygiene as your hands will look neat, clean, and professional. There are some amazing nail art designs in The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine that are very popular. You will find an example of them in the Spring 2018 magazine issue and

Different Types of Nail Art

So, what did Dr. Gaines get done at the nail salon? What is her favorite nail polish color? What type of nail art does she absolutely adore? Keep reading to find out!

Here is some nail art history. To start, nail art can be a variation of plain and simple abstract designs, DIY nail polish stickers, or mini-stencils that you have at home. A professional nail salon is recommended for applying designs on gel or acrylic nails. After a quick Internet search, you will find different kinds of nail art that you can try at home. Get fancy and add rhinestones, beads, gems, 3D prints, crystals, etc. to enhance your nails. The Hollywood look of having extra-long nails with elaborate details of rhinestones and crystals is definitely a hit during the summer and fall. These nail arts are very much popular in runway fashion along with other fashion ceremonies and award functions.

 Nail Art as a Part of U.S. Fashion

Nail art has become a very crucial part of the fashion industry and one cannot go without properly manicured hands nowadays. According to Google™, approximately 8 billion USD were spent on nail salon services in 2018.  This includes both manicures, pedicures, and other nail services. Also, many nail salons offer eyebrow waxing and other waxing services. Hollywood celebrities and other professionals know the importance of keeping their nails and appearance up.

So….., what did Dr. Gaines get done at the nail salon? During our 2019 interview, we found out that Dr. Gaines got the hot oil manicure, OPI™ nail polish, and a simple gold glitter nail art design. What is Dr. Gaines’s favorite nail polish color? Her favorite color is light purple, but her favorite nail polish colors are neutrals and clear for everyday use and red tones for photo shoots and special events. What type of nail art does Dr. Gaines absolutely adore? Dr. Keshia Gaines, a huge Oprah Winfrey fan, usually wears her nails with clear polish or a plain design like Oprah Winfrey does. For special events, Dr. Gaines adores gold glitter with an abstract art design over both of her ring fingers and occasionally on her pinky fingers instead.

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