British Handmade Umbrellas for Torrential London Rains

We use various kinds of accessories in our daily lives. While some of them are for utility purposes, some of them also add to the style statement. Umbrellas are among favorite accessories with many people – both men and women. Invented some thousands of years ago, this accessory has been used in many civilizations over the ages. The initial use of umbrella was for providing protection against the scorching sun. However, with changing times, umbrellas were used in for combating winds, rainfall, snowfall etc. Since umbrellas were used for protection against sunlight, they did not needed to be waterproof. The first rainumbrella were invented by the Chinese when they lacquered and waxes their paper parasols for protection against rain. Gradually umbrellas began to be used commonly by people for different purposes. With evolution of this accessory, it started to be made available in different colors, designs, shapes and sizes. Along with general umbrellas, demands of designer luxury umbrellas also surged greatly.

Different kinds of umbrellas which are commonly used by people

Along with luxury umbrellas, there are other varieties of umbrellas available in the market as well. Mentioned below are some such umbrellas, which you are sure to love.

  • Classic umbrellas – This is probably the most common kind of umbrella which is available. These umbrellas cannot be folded and are often used as a walking stick along with serving the purpose of an umbrella. The shaft of these umbrellas is often made of metal or polyester and the main canopy is made of some microfiber material, which doesn’t allow rain water to seep through and also dries up quickly. They come in different sizes and colors. Choose the one most suitable for your needs. British handmade umbrellas are often classic umbrellas.
  • Artistic umbrellas – If you are the one who loves to make a style statement with all the accessories that you have, you cannot go wrong with artistic umbrellas. These umbrellas have a distinct look and feel and have intricate patterns and designs or the color combinations are very prominent. Sometimes, the materials used in the making of these umbrellas are also unique and rare. Such umbrellas are widely available online as well as offline.
  • Compact umbrellas – It is evident from the name of the umbrellas that these umbrellas can be folded and made into a compact form. As a result, these can be easily kept inside a purse, bag and is easy and convenient to carry. They are like pocket umbrellas but generally these umbrellas are quite strong and sturdy. When closed these umbrellas are just about 8-9 inches in length, but when opened they are like any normal sized umbrellas. The opening and closing mechanisms in these umbrellas are generally automatic or semi-automatic. These umbrellas can withstand inclement weather conditions well.
  • Bubble umbrellas – This umbrella is also known as a domed umbrella because of its spherical shape and because the canopy fits down over the body. The canopy is deep when compared to other umbrellas. Generally, the canopy of these umbrellas is made up of some clear material so that visibility is not hampered as the canopy of the umbrella comes down over the eyes many a times. Binocular viewing ports are also there in some of these umbrellas.
  • High wind (storm) umbrellas – A wind resistant umbrella is a popular choice with people in areas where strong winds blow or where snow falls. These umbrellas are strong and thick materials are used in the making of the canopy so that they can withstand the onslaught of strong winds. Reinforced materials are used in the making of these umbrellas for longevity. These umbrellas have the capacity of withstanding winds up to 55 miles per hour.
  • Automatic umbrellas – Very easy and convenient to use, automatic umbrellas can be operated with just one hand. The umbrella opens on mere push of a button which is present on the lower end of the handle. For closing just pull the shaft down and it will get locked at a point and you are done. Usually these umbrellas can be turned into a compact size and easily carried inside a purse or backpack. Telescopic umbrellas are available in this variety.

Apart from these varieties, there are paper umbrellas, parasol umbrellas, golf umbrellas and many such varieties available. However, these umbrellas don’t serve utility purposes much. But they are stylish looking and can be carried for making a style statement. Different varieties of umbrellas are nowadays available online as well. You can check the options and choose one which matches with your preferences best.