Check Out the Chic Highlights and Trends of The Paris Fashion Week @bvictoriaangel

The Paris Fashion Week recently concluded, and fashion critics say there was something greatly surreal in the creations that were showcased on the runway. There was a strangeness in the looks this year. Like always, the Paris Fashion Week highlighted the latest trends of 2020

Top trends at the Paris Fashion Week @bvictoriaangel

Victoria Barbara is an esteemed fashion blogger, and she is known in the USA for her high- end fashion and street style wear. She shares her views on @bvictoriaangel and helps readers know about the latest fashion tips and trends for all ages.  When it comes to the Paris Fashion Week this year, she says Black was the dominant color this year as most of the designers used it in their creations.

However, one of the prominent trends here was the color green. This green hue was unique as it was a color in between lime and kiwi. In fact, it was present everywhere besides the runway. It came as a welcome breath of fresh air over the dark muted hues most designers used at the event. Instances include the Acne showroom’s brocade and the velvet colored with pale green giving the illusion of reused fabrics. The presentation of Saks Potts in the parking garage featured a coat with the color lime green with knee-high boats that matched it. Even Chanel uses green hues in its classic palette.

Fringe is in, so sway it with pride

The fringe was very much a big part of the Paris Fashion Week, and it was either bouncing or swaying in most creations. In fact, it was seen in the Milan Fashion Week as well. Givenchy, Dior, and Rochas all liberally used the fringe in their creations this year.

Super miniature and over-sized handbags stole the show

Alongside itsy-bitsy bags on the runway, there was the presence of gigantic oversized bags as well. Nanushka’s oversized vegan bag made of leather actually looked like a croissant. Off-White featured some huge foldover bags along with Balmain that focused on large tote bags. This year, handbags should be either mini or super big- this trend is going to stay for the whole year!

Beautiful bows to steal the show

Silky, soft, and proper bows stole the show at Paris Fashion Week. Bows look both feminine and tomboyish at the same time. They can be tied around the neck or even used as a hair accessory- the choice, of course, is yours. Bows are here to stay, and they were flaunted with pride on the runway of Paris Fashion Week this year.

When it comes to the latest trends of 2020 showcased at Paris Fashion Week and the likes this year, you can get more amazing insights as to what is in vogue with Victoria Barbara @bvictoriaangel. In fact, people of all age groups can get inspired with her tips and suggestions as to how to look trendy this year. She sums up by saying that it is high time for you to bid adieu to the fashion trends of 2019 and embrace the intense hues of 2020 with vibrant vigor to grab the limelight with success this year!