Choosing a Fulfilling Career: What Do You Love Being Good at?

You can be good at your job, but do you love it? It’s always been a scary question, and knowing the answer sometimes just leads to more questions. What would you do if you accepted the fact that you hate your job? Would you need to start over? Does this mean you have to say goodbye to the lifestyle you currently enjoy?

Instead of framing things negatively, think of it this way: the sooner you accept that your current job is not working for you, the faster you’ll be on your way to choosing a fulfilling career. And with these tips, you can do just that:

Know Where Your Free Time Goes

You need to go to work, and this takes up one-third of your day. You also need to sleep, which takes up anywhere from five to nine hours. But outside these hours, what do you spend your time doing? If you have a few minutes free, does it go to face mask online shopping, buying new clothes, journaling, trying a new recipe, or catching up with your friends? It’s important to look at where your time actually goes and not just rely on your memory. You might think your free time goes to one thing when in reality, you’re doing another.

Know Your Strengths


You could be a good stockbroker, but you might be an even better cook. You could be a decent photographer but a stellar dancer. Weigh your strengths and the obligation you feel when you’re using your skills. There are skills you need for work and so you spend as much time as possible honing them, but there are strengths you’ve accumulated from the sheer joy of doing what you love to do. These strengths come into play in finding your new career, and because you’ve developed them from experience, they’ll be easily applicable in the real world.

Ask for Opinion

You may be blindsided by the fear of failure or the worries of financial instability. You may tell yourself you’re good at your job and that’s enough for you to keep doing it. This is where outside opinion comes in. Other people might see your happiness better than you see it for yourself. Ask your best friend what they think you should be doing. Even your family might remind you of a dream you’ve had for the longest time. Your partner may see you happier when you’re doing one thing over another.

Don’t Let Fear Cage You

Your job is a symbol of stability, and if you let go of it, you may feel lost and unable to move forward. That’s one of the biggest concerns when someone is looking for a more fulfilling path. However, you’ll only be unstable if you decide to quit your job cold turkey, and that’s never a good thing no matter where you’re going next. Allow yourself some time to transition from your job to your new career, to cover your financial concerns. If you plan carefully, this fear should not be a limiting factor.

You don’t have to quit your job tomorrow to have a fulfilling career. Be sure of your decision and take it slow.