Complete guide of dos and don’ts with hair extensions

If you are putting on the hair extensions for the first time, it can get tricky. Therefore, if you want to go from Bob cut to flowy Rapunzel hair, you should know that it is not easy. You may consider reaching out to the experts to determine the dos and don’ts of your hair extensions. However, at the same time, you should be careful while purchasing them and make sure to choose one that can suit your natural hair.

How to purchase hair extensions?

When you want to purchase hair extensions, you should make sure to choose the best hair quality and something that matches your natural hair. However, color selection can become tricky, which is why you should prefer visiting during the day. This can help you have a better idea about the color. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to compare the extension with your natural hair to get the best choice.

As per experts, you should be purchasing real human hair extensions since they tend to last long. This is also because styling is pretty in case of hair extensions. You may consider choosing something that is thick in terms of volume. You should be really careful because these days the hair extensions are made pretty thin. Nonetheless, you will surely be getting high-quality hair extensions from RL Moda to suit your style.

Take care of your hair extensions the right way

Just like your natural hair, the hair extensions too require extensive care. You need to maintain it thoroughly for it to stay in proper condition. Some of the proper ways to take care of your hair extensions include the following

  • Before and after using, make sure to brush the hair extension with a soft brush. You should avoid brushing these extensions when they are wet.
  • If you are washing the hair extensions, you shouldn’t be doing it for more than three times a week. You may consider using products, but then you need to be careful with it as well. This may help you avoid the risk of them slipping off.
  • Hair extensions are pretty shiny, and the only way to keep this shine alive is by oiling using dry coconut oil. However, you should be oiling your hair at least once a week.
  • If you are washing the extensions using shampoo, make sure to use one that is sulfate-free. It will prevent the hair from getting dirty.

You should prefer reaching out to experts to get the best hair extensions for yourself. Moreover, when you are going shopping, you should be thoroughly prepared for it.