Different Types of Blankets for Your Comfort and Style

If you ask anyone what is one of the good feelings in the world, most of their answers would be getting under a blanket on a cold night. We all had favourite “blankies” as kids; without them, we could not go anywhere. But It’s absolutely unfortunate that when you grow up, you have to let go of that special fabric that brought a lot of comfort to you

Finding a blanket that is suitable for you in most weather conditions while also being comforting is a very challenging task. You might get confused about which blanket to get and which to not because of the various types of blankets available for you. Blanket sizes are not standardized like mattress sizes which might get confusing when you want to buy them. This article will tell you about the types of blankets and their pros and cons.

Different Types of Blankets

If you look for an ideal choice, then there is no such option. There are many types of blankets. Some of them with their pros and cons are listed below:

  1. Comforter

A comforter is one of the most famous types of native American blanket which is made from two large fabrics that are filled with warm materials like feathers, cotton, or polyfoil.  You can decide the softness of this blanket by the fabric that is used on its exterior as well as the interior. That is one of the reasons why the most famous blankets will have a polyester blend or cotton covering on the outside.


  1. They are soft, warm, and lightweight than most blankets.
  2. Stylish in look.
  3. You can use it with duvet covers.


  1. Some of them cannot be machine washed, they can only be dry cleaned.
  2. Not appropriate for warm weather.
  1. Duvet

It is identical to a comforter, but a duvet can be thicker, softer, and warmer than a comforter. One of the main differences is that duvets are slipped in and out of covers and a comforter, on the other hand, is usually used without it. You can think of them as giant pillows as duvets usually come with an outer case.

A duvet is suitable for any bed size as it is available in all mattress sizes. It is very simple to clean as the cover is the only thing you need to change from time to time. A duvet cover comes in various colours, patterns, and designs making it simple for you to match it with your bedsheets. For winters, the duvet is one of the warmest and finest types of blankets.


  1. Simple to clean because you only have to swap the cover.
  2. Its covers are available in various colours, fabrics, patterns, and designs making it a versatile blanket.
  3. Durable and keeps you warm in very cold surroundings.


  1. The filling can cluster together.
  2. Used only with a cover.
  1. Throw Blankets

It is a small blanket that is mainly used for decoration and acts as a light cover while you laze around and are generally seen on a sofa or a bed. It is light in weight and simple to use.

Usually, several types of throw blankets are made from various materials but they are mainly knit or woven by using light materials. They can also be used for picnics.


  1. Ideal to wrap around yourself while lounging.
  2. You can use it as a swaddling blanket.
  3. Lightweight and can be carried for picnics easily.
  4. Can spruce up either your living room or your bedroom.


  1. Too tiny to be used as a blanket.
  2. Only one person can use it.