Men always wear belts on their trousers which gives comfort to them. Belts are the accessories which add to the personality of the person. A belt has consisted of many parts like strap, buckle, end tip, frame, bar and prong. These parts are necessary for a belt. All the belts are not of good quality. Only leather belts are durable and give a classy appearance to the person wearing it. So, it becomes important to know that is all the belts are genuine leather belts, so let us know about this:

Genuine Leather Belts?

When you are going to buy leather belts the shopkeeper says to you these are real leather belts but are all types of leather belts of the same quality? or all the belts are made from “Genuine Leather”? The answer is no because not all leathers are of the same quality. You must know that which specific type of leather used in making these leather belts to understand the belt’s quality as not all leather belts are made from the same leather.

Types of Leather For Belts: The cattle hides are very thick and have a number of hides. The top layer or the top hide is the hide which is closest to the animal’s hair and is called “Top Grain Leather” because the grain is available only in the top layer of the hide.  Top grain leather is also called as Full Grain Leather and Corrected Grain Leather. The layers under the top grain are called as split leather. All of these layers are genuine leather but are of different qualities, strength and cost. Now I will tell you about various types of leather belts available in the market:

Full Grain Leather Belts: Full-grain leather is the best quality of genuine leather belts. The grain surface is present is full and untouched. Unique markings are visible such as grain patterns which is very beautiful, the hair cells are also visible on the full-grain leather belts. This is the strongest layer of the hide. 

Corrected Grain Leather Belts: The second best quality of genuine leather used in making belts is the corrected grain leather belts. To remove the imperfections a lot of scars and scratches are buffed from the grain. The tannery covers the surface with heavy pigmented finish coats and thus the original grain is no longer visible. 

Split Leather Belts: The third best quality of genuine leather that is used to make belts is split leather belts. It has some finishing on the top grain leather. The split leather is not as high quality and so it is not so much expensive. Splits are often used for suede leather belts and are not as durable as top grain leather. 

Bonded Leather Belts: The Bonded Leather belts are not genuine leather belts. These are the artificial leather belts which are made from artificial leather. Bonded leather is also artificial leather. Different manufacturers use different amounts of leather materials to make these belts. The bonded leather tears easily and are not so much durable and are made up of very cheap quality material.