DIY your custom Boba Fett t shirt

Boba Fett shirt is an important fictional character in the Star War franchise. He is a bounty hunter. He was hired by Darth Vader to kill Han Solo. Due to his cult status, the character has gained popularity among the young generation and among the fans of Star Wars.

Some major edition t shirts

  • BFFC ‘empire’ edition t shirt
  • BFFC ‘Jedi’ edition t shirt
  • BFFC ‘Holiday Special’ edition t shirt
  • BFFC ‘Prototype’ edition t shirt

Step one

Create a screen for printing. For that you need wooden frames. Depending on your choice of size of the print on your t shirt cut your frames. After cutting, screw them together. This will make it ready for the screen.

Step two

Use a 110 mesh fabric as a screen. Attach the screen to the frame using a staple gun. The screen should be applied under tension. Trim off the excess mess from the sides of the frame.

Step three

Use a photo emulsion next. Coat the screen with the photo emulsion mixture and then keep it in a place which is very dark. It will stop curing the photo emulsion.

Step four

To transfer your image of Boba Fett in the screens, print the figure on a transparent paper. You can even printout the special edition posters of the figure.

Step five

Once the photo emulsion has desiccated on the screen, you are supposed to expose them under a strong light. Place your design on the frames carefully. Place them backwards. Keep it that way for an hour or two.

Step six

Once the curing time has passed, you will notice a colour variation o the screen. Check your screen and carefully wash out with cold water.

Step seven

Before printing wrap the entire frame with duct tape to prevent any seeping of printing ink onto your material.

Step eight

Now your screen is ready for the printing process. Align the screen on the shirt and use ink across your design. Do not over print.

There you have your own DIY favourite action figure custom t shirt.