Does look matter for the wedding rings

The offer of wedding rings is really large. Many discussions mainly deal with the selection of material, which is of course important. But there are other, no less important, aspects when choosing wedding rings. Which are they? The Moissanite Rings NYC stands as the top in the list.

5 important aspects when choosing wedding rings

  • Ring material (gold, platinum, palladium, silver, surgical steel)
  • Profile of the rings
  • The width of the rings
  • The surface of the rings
  • Decorative stone

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is very important because it can happen that you will wear it all your life on your hands. At least we wish you that!

Carefully choose the materials of wedding rings

Material is very important when choosing. Again, the decision is up to you. It also depends on the financial possibilities. However, gold is really a guarantee that your wedding rings will serve you for a lifetime. In the e-shop, you can buy a pair of gold wedding rings for as little as 5,548. Consider for yourself whether it pays to invest in cheaper materials. We don’t think so. In addition, resellers in the pursuit of greater profit may supply a ring made of a different material than they declare. The Moissanite Rings are good examples.

Wedding rings and decorative stones

You can decorate a women’s wedding ring with a stone, which will enhance the look of the ring with its shine. You can choose cheaper zircons or more expensive diamonds (a diamond is a cut diamond). The price depends on the size. Take a look at wedding rings with diamonds.

How to choose the right size of rings

Choosing the size of the wedding ring is most important when choosing it. The surest way is a personal visit to a jeweler. But you can also measure the size of the ring from the comfort of your home thanks to a great helper measurement is very accurate.

There are several principles to follow when measuring:

  • Put the strip on your finger and tighten it appropriately – the strip must not be easily pulled over the knuckle, there must be little resistance,
  • Try to clench your fist with the strip on your finger and move it differently. It is advisable to try to put on the strip in the morning and in the evening,
  • If you are happy with the size, look at the magnifying glass and you will immediately see your size in millimeters.

Wedding rings according to personal taste

Of course, choose wedding rings according to your taste, the design must fit your eye. You will always see him! But appearance alone is not everything. For example, you also choose a mobile phone not only according to what it looks like, but also according to other parameters. The same is true for wedding rings. Every experienced jeweler can advise you after a short conversation on which wedding rings are ideal for you.

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Profiles of wedding rings

The profile of the wedding ring also affects the feeling of wearing the ring. Do you know all the profiles of wedding rings? To be sure, we have prepared an overview of all basic ring profiles for you. It depends on your taste again. Most often, the couple chooses the profile that is second from the left in the picture, ie a semicircular profile.

Widths of wedding rings try it for yourself

In general, the width of the wedding ring depends mainly on the size of your fingers. For slender fine fingers, rings with a narrower profile are suitable, and for larger fingers, rings with a wider profile are suitable. Experience which profile is ideal for you from the comfort of your home. Print and cut out these ring width test strips.

The surface of wedding rings

When choosing the surface of the wedding ring, it depends on your taste. Most wedding rings are made with a shiny surface. See what other surfaces of wedding rings you can choose from.

Silver and Surgical Steel Wedding Rings: Why Choose Them (Not)?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about whether it is worth choosing wedding rings made of surgical steel or silver instead of gold. Are the thousands saved really worth it? Let’s take a look at the comparison of the two materials and the good reasons why gold simply wins.

Surgical steel wedding rings

Many couples consider surgical steel wedding rings due to their low price, which starts at a few hundred dollars, but can climb to more than 7,000 dollars. It depends on how and how the rings are decorated. Surgical steel is basically an alloy of several metals iron, carbon and chromium. It has a dark metallic color and high durability.

Surgical steel jewelry is often talked about in connection with an allergic reaction that this material is not said to cause. Although steel is one of the hypoallergenic metals, which is another common reason why people like it. However, this only applies to the steel itself. Fewer people already know that nickel, which is quite common in quite a few people, is often added to surgical steel wedding rings.

Price is not everything

As you may have guessed, price is not everything. Even surgical wedding rings have their flies and there are not many of them. If the appearance of wedding rings plays a role for you, steel will not please you much in this respect compared to gold, it is almost not shiny at all and looks cold.

Disadvantages of steel wedding rings

Also note that the range of surgical steel wedding rings is certainly not full of designs and variations. The steel is very hard, which makes it very difficult for jewelers and often makes it impossible to work on its modification or setting with gems. And for this very reason, it is not possible to have the wedding rings made of surgical steel retrofitted. So if you have them made to order and you find that they do not fit you, or if your finger enlarges or shrinks during your life, it means the final one for your wedding ring.

Surgical steel wedding rings in a cube

For a better idea, let’s summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of surgical steel wedding rings:


  • They are affordable.
  • They are hypoallergenic, but only if they do not contain nickel.
  • They are easily recyclable.


  • Slightly shiny and dark look.
  • High probability of nickel allergy.
  • Less variable and attractive look and design of rings.
  • They cannot be modified later.
  • If damaged, they cannot be repaired.

They are sensitive to chlorine – as soon as you take the rings into the pool or whirlpool, they will be destroyed.

If you are also thinking about steel wedding rings, first carefully consider all the pros and cons and realize what is most important to you about wedding rings whether you are proudly wearing a quality and magnificent ring on your ring, which you indulged in once in a lifetime as part of the confirmation of your love, or an effort to save at all costs.