Dressing A Newborn: 7 Newborn Clothes In Singapore Every Parent Should Buy

Buying newborn clothes in Singapore can be hard to resist, especially for first-time mums or dads. It can be tough to fight the impulse of purchasing lots of adorable baby clothing and adding a million fits to their registries, such as cute puffy mittens, top knot hats, little booties, and the like, but only to find out those pieces are actually impractical and nonfunctional.

Spoiling your little one with cute stuff and organic baby clothes in Singapore isn’t something you should hinder yourself, especially when you’re a first-time parent. However, be practical, as your little one can quickly grow. They will not stay in that size for very long. So how many and what clothes should you purchase for your baby?


Baby rompers in Singapore top this list! Besides being cute, they are also practical. This piece of clothing is a top and bottom all in one. To secure it, it comes with snaps at the crotch, which you can lock and unlock for easy diaper changes. It can come in solid colours or fashion-forward prints and patterns.


Another option on this list is onesies or bodysuits. A baby onesie in Singapore is similar to rompers, but unlike rompers, you will need to remove everything if you need to change your diapers. These pieces have been one of the go-to baby shower gifts because they can work on either gender, male or female. The best thing about onesies is it comes in varying sizes and styles. You can grab one with a V-neck, envelope-styled, etc.


During cold, rainy days, pyjamas can come in handy. Having these newborn clothes in Singapore is also essential, especially for sleeping. Some considerations when buying pyjamas are footed style, something that can cater to warm and cool weather, built-in mittens, and two-way zippers.


Besides baby rompers in Singapore, you should also consider getting Kimono-style baby tops. These must-haves come with side snaps or ties. It is loose, which can be comfy for the baby. This piece can also be a lifesaver as you won’t need to pull it up from their face. Just unzip or untie, and you’re good to go!


Leggings can make a great addition to their wardrobe! Although these may not work as baby boy clothes, they can still come in handy during cooler days. This piece is stretchy, soft, and versatile, perfect for quick errands, morning walks, or church days.


Although these aren’t newborn clothes in Singapore, swaddle blankets are also necessary. These pieces are breathable and perfect for making your baby sleepy. The best part here is its versatility. It can be a general blanket, car cover, changing diaper cover, nursing or breastfeeding cover, burping cloth, or sleeping mat.


Another organic baby clothes worth investing in Singapore for your little one is a beanie or hat. Newborns tend to get cold quickly, and when that happens, these pieces can come to the rescue in regulating their body temperature and keeping them warm.


These newborn clothes in Singapore can be the ultimate climate controllers and warmers. Invest in a pair to keep their itty-bitty feet cosy and warm.

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