Essential Choices You need for the best Acne Cream

A good physical exercise session is beneficial for mental, physical and spiritual health. But when it comes to your skin, a full fitness session can have mixed effects, unless you have a suitable beauty routine to cleanse and revive your skin after sport. Getting your body moving is great for circulation; to have that glowing skin that we are all looking for. But all this perspiration can dehydrate you and your skin (even if you drink a lot of water) and as a result, you may end up with an increased risk of clogged pores.

Experts say that with a good cleansing and moisturizing routine, you can help your skin recover after an intensive yoga, cycling or workout and have that well-deserved glowing, healthy skin. With the use of the Acne Cream you can have the best options now.


After your exercise session, your number one priority is cleaning. According to Neutrogena experts, it is important to cleanse your skin to remove impurities and excess sebum, as makeup residue and impurities can mix with excess sebum and sweat, causing irritation and clogging of pores.

It is ideal to go to the gym without makeup, in order to keep the skin as clean as possible. But if you still need to apply a light layer of makeup, choose a light base, such as CC correct & perfect Visibly Clear anti-blemish cream, a subtly tinted moisturizer, containing salicylic acid, to help keep pores clean.

But, whether you choose to wear makeup or not during your workout, you will need to cleanse your skin immediately after sweating. You can choose the cleanser you prefer, but cleansing wipes, such as Hydrating Cleansing Wipes, are the simplest solution to avoid spilling your makeup remover in your sports bag. In addition, the texture of the tissue of the wipe combines with the cleaning principles of the product, to gently remove all the sweat, impurities, excess sebum and makeup from your skin.


What is the next step towards regenerated skin after a workout? Hydration, which can rejuvenate dehydrated skin and make it smooth and radiant.

So, in addition to drinking a large amount of water to hydrate your body, you will need to use a moisturizer to reabsorb all of the water that you lost during your exercise session.

Before exercising and sweating, however, make sure that the moisturizer you have applied is non-comedogenic, that is, it does not trap germs and does not clog them. pores, which would cause skin rashes.

Some classic moisturizers can be oily because they sit on the surface of the skin, creating a shield that prevents water loss and gives it a feeling of softness. It is best to use products that hydrate the skin and absorb instantly, to maintain that shine and provide more lasting flexibility.

You can, for example, choose the hydrating hydrosol Hydro Boost, which contains hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally present in your skin to help it maintain its hydration and which penetrates instantly into the skin, without leaving any residue..

The last step?

Make sure before you go out to add a product containing an SPF to protect your skin from UV rays! Daily sun protection is essential to prevent skin damage, premature aging and skin cancer.