Features and Diverse Practices of Crushed Velvet 

Crushed velvet is a unique form of this fabric. Numerous people significantly appeal to this process.

The primary reason is the quality this process extracts and the texture it builds. The process itself gives this fabric its uniqueness.

The reason for its distinct quality is it doesn’t have to be put under different processes for design. When it comes into velvet formation through the designated process, it is either twisted or crushed when wet to create an eye-catching texture.

As a result, a finished piece of fascinating Crushed Synthetic Velvet gets in the customer’s hand in a genuinely raw state with charming textures complimenting its existence.

4 Irresistible Features of Crushed Synthetic Velvet

As there are several types of velvets, Crushed Synthetic Velvet is unique. The nature of this fabric has some qualities that make it withstand high demands.

1. Mildew resistant

As the fabric is 100% synthetic, it doesn’t get mixed with chemicals and such refinery products but is mixed with natural fibers. This leads to its robust resistance to mildew and maintains its durability.

Color depth

Whichever color you choose, it will define its generosity. As the process allows it to have a luster look, the color shines and contains an intense hue with deep saturation.

Stereo tone

As this fabric is cut in a pile and twisted when wet, both segments of its production add to its nourishment. Because of this, crushed velvet always throws radiant colors when met with outer light shades or so.

So even if it’s produced with one color, it will still throw mild combinations of color patterns and radiant shades.

Weather resistant

Due to its naivety, this fabric is weather resistant and tends to adopt conflicting temperatures. Such as, in summers, it is cool, and in winters, it is warm.

4 Diverse Uses of Crushed Velvet

This unique fabric is used for various purposes, and due to its appreciable characteristics, it is believed to serve diverse purposes.

1. Evening wear

Its delicacy and graceful appearance make it top-notch party wear. It is also a royal fabric, as royals and diplomat women have been wearing it as a beauty symbol.


Crushed velvet avoids wrinkles and retain its genuine shape; the hand marks could also be masked. These features make it a well suitable choice for couches.

Bags and shoes

Crushed velvet fabric is also used in fancy women’s bags and elegant party wear shoes. The outer liner of its natural component and thickness allows it to resist water. And so, this feature opens room for its use in wearables.


It is commonly used as a curtain. Because of its stereo toning feature, it proves to deliver an attractive resonance combined with other furniture sets.

Car seats

Not usually, but a few people recommend installing crushed velvet as their car seat covers. It works as the best alternative to leather seats. It is due to its ability to resist extreme temperature. And so, it helps to keep the car warm in winters and pleasant in summers.


The features and diverse abilities play a considerable part in crushed velvet’s success. From sophisticated fashion to wall hangings, this fabric can be used unhesitatingly.

It is not just the elegance but reliability and comfortability of the fabric. This form of velvet is solid to various conditions, such as it doesn’t stretch, which keeps it in a genuine shape and doesn’t shrink after wash. These reliable facts have been credited to its success mainly.