Give a Seductive Look to your Attire by combining it With Black Tahitian Pearl

Black pearls are Tahitian pearls which are bigger than normal pearls, but smaller than Golden South Sea pearl. They are popular for their unique color and size. Its size makes it expensive as the number layers of nacre are more on it compared to normal pearls. This pearl cannot be formed by any ordinary oyster, but special black lip oyster is used to cultivate black pearl. Black lip oysters are larger in size which gives ample space for pearls for formation and every pearl takes longer time to be cultivated.

Tahitian pearls being black in color makes it versatile and can mix with any other gem or shades. This increases its value around the world. Apart from round shape, they also come in oval, baroque, semi baroque, button, semi round, and teardrop. Black pearl jewelry fits with any attire, due to its unique shape and color. Also, its overtone and undertone make it unique because you may see shades like peacock green, blue, silver, pink on darker hues.

Tahitian necklaces are much in demand due to its bold color and appearance. Let’s take some different types of attire that sits well with a Black pearl necklace –

  • A strapless polished black dress will complement best with Tahitian necklace as it enhances your neckline.

  • Even casual black dresses go smoothly with black pearl necklace. It makes you look more matured and elegant.

  • Sometimes contrast also looks attractive, thus, try a red formal or casual dress and style yourself with black pearl necklace. This will make you appear not only refined, but stylish.

  • Bright color outfit and dark pale accessory is the best combination because none of them overpower each other, but will only accentuate its beauty. Therefore, try yellow top or dress with the Tahitian necklace.

  • Tops with pastel shades and sometime dull yet light shades will enhance the gorgeousness of your pearl. If you want people’s attention on your neckline, then go with plain shades including black pearl necklace with it.

  • Velvet material looks very rich and elegant on a dress, and f you combine it with a black pearl necklace, then they both complement each other well. Therefore, whether it is day or night, try your best velvet outfit with Tahitian pearls.

  • Lastly, as we all know, vintage clothes as well as pearls go hand in hand, then why forgetting vintage dress that can be combined with pearl necklace? Ensure that you highlight your neckline and waist to shine in crowd.

All we hope is to give you certain unordinary options and styles that can bring something unique out of your wardrobe. Next time when you’re confused with your outfit and accessory, simply go with a pearl necklace that blends well with all attire and occasion.