Great Chain Bags You Would Be Interested to Use

Fashion bloggers love it, and it is part of the trendy bags of 2020 but not only since the chain bag is in fact a timeless one that returns to fashion year after year. Besides, we are sure that you can find an always trendy model in your mom’s wardrobe. The chain replaces the traditional leather handle, the single or double chain modernizes and glamour all our handbags. Gucci, Stella McCartney , Saint-Laurent and of course the timeless Chanel have all adopted it, it’s your turn to find the chain bag that gives a little rock & chic look to all outfits.

We prefer the quilted leather chain bag

Who says chain bag necessarily says quilted bag. Who has never dreamed of having Chanel’s iconic 2.55 model in their possession? We can only love its rectangular shape, its quilted leather, its metallic silver clasp and its chain intertwined with leather could not be more chic. How not to also appreciate his rock and androgynous little brother, the Boy, darling of it-girls around the world? One of the two bloggers behind fashion websites, fell for the Mini Classic model also known as Timeless and gives us her buying advice in an ultra-detailed guide to finally know how to choose the right bag. Fortunately for those who are still saving, there are versions that are just as pretty and above all much cheaper.

Avoid oversized chain bags and opt for comfort

The most fashionable fashionistas will tell you, the chain bag is small. We therefore favor pockets that are neither too small nor too large, which will be perfect for integrating the essentials and avoiding cluttering up with unnecessary things as we are all used to. However, if the chain version pocket bag is much too narrow for you, you can for example let yourself be seduced by a bucket bag with a golden or silver chain which will also be very elegant. Obviously, the shopping bags are to be banned.

How about a more comfortable version for the start of the school year? For those who have decided to take the plunge and finally go to work by bike, there are finally trendy handbags designed especially for cyclists. The leather clutch has the trendy design of a bag with added comfort and ingenuity. Made in France, we love this super ingenious chain bag model, perfect for accompanying urban women day and night.

Get a colorful chain bag

In 2016, the chain bag becomes more fun. We choose it colorful to bring pep’s to a slightly too dark outfit, in snake or leopard print to give a “wild” touch to her outfit, in suede or velvet to change from the traditional leather bag and adapt to different seasons. For the start of the new school year, the colorful bag will add pep to a trendy sweater dress. Chic, rock and feminine, the chain bag is undoubtedly the it-bag of the year to have in your wardrobe that will highlight all your outfits.