Great Options to Follow with Curly Hairstyle

On a serious subject, investigation involved: the person behind this article has curly (even curly) hair. 20 years of straightening iron and non-acceptance of the potential of said hair mass later, we share our best tips for assuming, enjoying, and giving your hair the love and care they deserve. For the ones having plopping curly hair can follow these.

Having a Unique Beauty Picnic

 The blame for the reductive beauty ideals that invade the pages of all magazines and other hairdressing catalogs: we often have trouble finding inspirations that can match our type of hair. This is how, concretely, we find ourselves at the hairdresser asking for bangs and Japanese “baguette” hair when we have Beyoncé’s mane at the time of Destiny’s Child.

In practice? Try great cuts like a short bob or voluminous buns dripping with curls (#wild). Bonus point: you can even try the bangs (obviously), but ask your hairstylist to adapt it to your hair type. Hi the tigresses.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Basically reinvent yourself according to your inspiration by juggling from bun to mop without complexes.

In practice? Zero instructions, make you love it. Smooth them so straight on Monday, plait them in braids on Tuesday, draw out the headband-type accessories and we will do without (easier with thick hair, btw) and dare the unicorn color (pink? Yes). In short, take the road to assumption without further delay.

Choosing the Right Products

Naturally, one of the keystones of stylish curly hair is the care you take (#routine). A quick tour of our favorite products picked up during two long decades of treasure hunting.

Big crack (well considered considering the price) for this absolutely awesome luxury shampoo. Never (never never) have we seen our hair so shiny, cool and stylish. Obviously, a hazelnut is enough (it doesn’t foam very much, it’s normal), so we keep it well for a few months.

In the accessible category: the range at the Date Palm in the Korana Desert. Get it all in pharmacy or drugstore, it’s 100% tested and approved. Our 2 favorites: shampoo (classic, but great and really profitable) and day cream (sculpting and moisturizing, which smells very good). You can also grab the mask, very effective. Equipped for less than 20 balls.

Heart with your fingers for this rare mask with prickly pear by Christophe Robin. It is clear, it is expensive, but we kept our jar for almost a year because the product is so generous and magical. Try it with your eyes closed. Also, try Volumizers Boubous by rinati fashion for adding to your look.

Finally, the latest from our shopping list: an all vegan styling cream that sculpts the curls for real (go with your fingers). It is essential of the morning 3 days after the shampoo.

These are the options that you have to follow. The great styles are there and all you will have to do is to take the right steps. The results will show right there and the solutions will also be present. Here are the essential options all mentioned for you now.