How to Care for Your Cotton Tote Bags?

As more and more people are turning to sustainable and reusable products, the trend of organic cotton tote bags is also on the rise. The organic cotton bags due to their functionality and eco-friendly nature is getting immense popularity and is quickly becoming the number one choice for everyday use.

Today, there are many top brands and prominent stores that provide customers with reusable cotton tote bags as a carrier. Also, people use them at beaches, schools and other places to carry their useful stuff. Since, these bags are used as an everyday accessory, they get dirty and must be cleaned in the right way to ensure the stability of the material and also to extend the life of the product.

According to NewWayBag – A China-based cotton bags supplier, while cotton tote bags are one of the easiest types of bags to maintain, yet there are things users don’t realize when washing their cotton tote bags (the most important one is to go through the instructions given on the label). Without carefully reading the tag, you won’t be able to know the right way of cleaning your tote.

Below you will find some of the ways that can help you clean and maintain your bag properly.

Things to Consider Before Washing a Cotton Tote Bag

There are a few things you should consider prior to washing your cotton tote bag. Make sure to turn the bag inside out in order to see if there are any prominent stains or things you can remove before washing. Always treat stains beforehand as it will make the entire washing process hassle-free. Take a soft brush and gently rub on the stains in a circular direction.

Although, hand washing is highly suggested for cotton tote bags, you can also wash them in your washing machine with proper care and attention.

How to Wash Your Cotton Tote Bag in a Washing Machine?

There is no denying the fact that machine washing can help you save plenty of time but this process can also harm the fabric of your bag.

Temperature Setting

Never use too hot water to clean your bag as it can weaken the fibers of the material which will eventually destroy the overall structure of your bag. Cold water, on the other hand, will keep the fabric from unraveling.

Selection of Detergent

You can use any detergent of your choice with cold water. Just make sure to select a bleach-free product as bleach can break down the fibers.

How to Wash Your Cotton Tote Bag by Hands?

If you’re washing your bag by hands, you can use warm water for thorough cleaning. Instead of using harsh chemical-based detergents, try to wash your tote with liquid hand wash. Hang the bags up to dry naturally. If you’re using machine dryer, make sure to tumble dry the bags to avoid damage.

Cotton tote bags make it easier to carry and move things and that too in an affordable and eco-friendly manner. Keeping the bags clean not only makes them look tidy and presentable, but also keeps whatever you’re moving in them hygienic and clean.