How to choose innerwear for men

Nothing is more uncomfortable in this world than a wedgie – that too, in the middle of your busy work day. It leaves you in an embarrassing position where you search for the nearest place to hide and adjust things below the belt. Not really a situation we would recommend for anyone to be in! And to think all this can be avoided by simply knowing how to select men’s briefs

Although it is not rocket science, many lack the knowledge to select a proper pair of underwear. So read on to know how to select the correct innerwear for yourself.  

Types of innerwear for men

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are a convenient and comfy choice, because of their perfect size —neither too tight nor too loose. Because of their excellent elasticity, they give you a superb grip and total coverage. Boxer briefs offer more crotch support which makes them appropriate for use during exercise as well.


Men’s briefs have a compressed fit, a seamless waistline, and the ideal amount of coverage. This is appropriate for wearing any style of pants. Because there is no bunching, your clothing appears to be well-fitted. Larger thighs fit well in briefs, which also enhance your crotch region. The Y-shaped front portion offers excellent fit and support. 


Trunks are comparable to boxer briefs but they are shorter in length. They have excellent flexibility and hence have a more comfortable fit. Trunks are ideal for men who are athletic, trim, and muscular. However, they might not look good on men with wide hips. Boxer briefs are significantly more appropriate in this situation.

Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts or simply boxers are breathable and cozy, making them ideal for men with an apple-shaped figure. Because of their loose fit, boxer shorts are an excellent option for men who perspire heavily or have sensitive skin. So, even if they are pleasant to wear, they do not offer much support and should not be worn under form-fitting pants. They are ideal for lounging around and can also be used as nightwear. 


Vests are a very important piece of upper body innerwear. They are also known as undershirts. Being soft, flexible, and absorbent, they are ideal to deal with issues like sweat and deodorant stains. They also add an additional layer of warmth beneath shirts or t-shirts.  

How to select the perfect innerwear

  • Always use the correct measurement while selecting your innerwear. For this, measure yourself properly and compare to the measurement size chart provided by the manufacturer. 
  • Have a few different varieties of innerwear to cater to every occasion. 
  • Select comfort over style.
  • Use innerwear that is highly absorbent as it will help you remain cool. 
  • In the case of vests, select the appropriate color under your shirt. Nothing makes you more unfashionable than a black vest peeking through a white shirt. 

Some innerwear etiquette

  • Always wear clean innerwear.
  • Do change your innerwear daily.
  • Stick to cotton or synthetic blends when it comes to underwear. 

Choosing the right innerwear is very important to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes everyday.  So, take a little time and choose the correct innerwear for yourself. Your body will thank you. Jack&Jones has a great collection of innerwear for men that you can shop from according to your needs and comfort.