How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Flower In Singapore

Planning a wedding can be exhausting and overwhelming. You and your soon-to-be spouse will have to spend countless hours finding a venue, settling on a theme, choosing an outfit, booking a caterer, and looking for a photographer. You will also have to select the most romantic and captivating wedding flower arrangement from a Singapore florist—which can be tricky for some brides and grooms.

While hiring a wedding florist and decorating the venue with flowers is not mandatory when getting married, having beautiful blooms along the aisle, at the centre of every guest table, and on your hand will make the ceremony more magical. Moreover, flowers symbolise fidelity and new beginnings at weddings—so it is only natural to have a few bouquets and arrangements on the day you say ‘I do.’

Despite being seemingly simple, choosing a wedding flower can be tricky. You and your partner should consider numerous factors when picking a flower and arrangement type. To help you find and select the perfect blooms that can represent your preferred aesthetic and set the mood on your wedding day, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Look For Arrangement Inspirations

Browsing bridal magazines and visual discovery search engines like Pinterest is one of the best ways to find a wedding flower and arrangement type you like. These printed and online platforms will show you numerous images of bouquets, garlands, and cascades that you can use as inspiration.

2. Check What’s In Season

Picking a floral arrangement for a wedding is like choosing anniversary or graduation flowers in Singapore. Before settling on a flower type, ask your wedding florist which blooms are in season to save costs and ensure your arrangement’s freshness.

3. Go Back To Your Theme

If you are having trouble choosing a wedding flower and arrangement type, look back to your mood board and carefully study your chosen theme. Your preferred colour palette, aesthetic, and decorative items will tell you which florals perfectly suit your and your significant other’s big day.

4. Consider Your Wedding Budget

Like getting a birthday flower delivery service in Singapore, you should stick to your budget when getting floral arrangements for your wedding. You should dedicate a specific amount to your floral bouquet, arch, or centrepiece and ensure you have enough money to cover other wedding-related expenses.

If you are still unsure which blooms are ideal for your big day, ask a wedding florist from Petite Fleur for help! Contact them through their website to receive floral arrangement recommendations tailored to your ceremony and reception.