How to Style a Trendy Kaftan Dress?

Do you know what’s new in the fashion market? 

Well, Kaftans suits are getting all the hype these days. It is the latest trend followed by girls and women to turn their heads. It is the perfect way to enhance your fashion game if you are bored with the usual clothes. One of the best qualities of the Kaftan dress is that it is loose, flowy and super comfortable. There are different designs and styles available in the latest Kaftans. 

Where did Kaftans come From?

Kaftan dress comes from Middle East Asia. This was originally a loose, ankle-length, buttoned-up robe, generally worn by men of middle Asia. The material used to make these kaftans was silk, cotton or a combination of both. There were two types of Kaftan famous-

  • Moroccan Kaftan 
  • Islamic Kaftan

Moroccan Kaftan was a long loose and ankle-length garment, with long sleeves. It was worn with a belt at the waist.

The Islamic kaftan is the same as the Moroccan kaftan, just similar to buttoned-up robes and was worn by Islamic men.

Now Kaftan is not really a men’s dress, women are wearing and flaunting it with grace. This dress pattern is very attractive and makes you look royal. You can get them in prints, embroidery, stone work and many more. It could be a great casual dress and can also be accessorized to be worn on some special occasions. The quality of stuff and work determines the worth of a Kaftan. 

Styling Tips for Wearing A Kaftan 

One of the most attractive things about the kaftan is that you can wear it as a traditional dress or as a western dress, just by accessorizing it differently.

Wear Kaftan for Brunches with Friends

A short Kaftan with a loose bottom is the perfect pick for brunch with friends. Wear lightweight jewelry like studs and a single-lined necklace with it. You can wear flats or a small platform heel and carry a tote bag. You are good to go!

Kaftan Styling for Evening Get-together 

An ankle-length Kaftan can be worn to wear for an evening get-together or a date. Pair it with some American Diamond jewelry like long chandelier earrings and statement rings. A block heel with a sling bag can make this look more presentable. You will be super comfortable and yet look very sexy. Do try this look.

Flaunt a Kaftan for Night Parties

Night functions like weddings and festivities require a classy dress piece. An ankle-length, richly embroidered Kaftan is the one to go. Stuff for this Kaftan should be shiny and smooth like Silk. Team it up with rich Kundan jewelry like long earrings, Kundan Bangles and cocktail rings. For heels, go for high heels and carry a Personalized Clutch bag. This look is very elegant and different from usual traditional looks.

We hope you liked our styling tips to wear a Kaftan on different occasions. If you are afraid to give it a try then reading this blog is a sign that you must buy one. Style and accessories according to your choice. Check Amazel Designs on the latest accessories and jewelry items to wear with the latest Kaftans.