How to Wear Your Triangle Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Summer is in full swing, so what are you packing in your beach bag? I’m thinking a trendy suit that you can dress up or down and change around! Pick up a reversible bikini that you can wear in a variety of different ways. All you have to do is to incorporate a bit of your creativity and make use of these styling tricks to turn your triangle bikini top into an iconic style statement for your next beach trip.

This guide is aimed to give you some insight and ideas about how you can look exceedingly beautiful in these two-sided bikini tops and bottoms. Now, let’s explore different styling options!

Criss Crossed Style:

This style is for women who love fun and flirty styles that also provide support. All you have to do is take the top upside down, cross the ribbons on your chest and tie it at the nape of your neck.

Fashion Tips: Some women may prefer a tropical pattern, while some choose to stay simple with their color choices. Pick up a beachy kimono or a tunic as a cute coverup. Both will go well with your favorite triangle bikini. Don’t forget to choose some sandals and stylish sunglasses.

Pretty Ribbon Look:

The playful wrapped ribbons never fail to raise your fashion style quotient. This look can be achieved by crossing the straps of the triangle bikini top behind the neck and then bringing them forward. Then knot a bow around the supporting strap while creating a subtle front V-shape. If you want to get a clean but feminine look, you can consider getting the blue side on or go wild with a floral pattern.

Fashion Tips: Pick up a sarong in a fitting color and pull it off around your hips to create a stylish skirt. Go flip flops and use a salt spray for a beach waves hairstyle.

Sporty and Simple:

There’s good news for beach sports lovers! Now you can go for this balcony style to get perfect support for any water activities. Take the tie with the cups upside down, pull it out over your neck and knot it behind the nape of your neck firmly and tight until your chest feels secure inside the bottom of the cups. Then grab the remaining two straps and cross them in the middle of your chest. Leave the knot behind the back and get ready for the next wave. Whether you’re a hipster or a traditional fashionista, try this fun and different style.

Fashion Tips: If you are not comfortable with wearing the bikini around the street and beach, go for a light oversized blouse and jean shorts. Choose your coverup depending on how much you want to reveal of your bikini top. To finish the look, opt for trendy platforms or flip flops.

Cross Front:

This is a fantastic way to style your triangle top. Cross the top strings before tying it behind your neck. It gives you a beautiful cross front look. Pair it with the matching high-waist bottom and some killer shades to block out the haters (and the sun)!

Fashion Tips: Opt for a sunglass or a pair of earrings to complete the look. Choose your option, depending on what color you have picked up. Stylish slides go well with this combo.

With a wide variety of styles available on the market, it might become confusing and difficult for some to pick the right style. Reading some reviews and asking for feedback may help you choose the correct item.

So, what are you waiting for? Spice things up and raise the temperature when you go to the beach looking hot! Pick up your favorite bikini bottoms for women and enjoy quality time by the pool or make a fun trip to the beach.

Summary: Looking to spend your weekend on the beach? Enjoy a nice sunbathe in designer swimwear. Choose your favorite triangle bikini top and bottoms and raise temperature around you.