Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying Ethical Wedding Rings

The best jewelry makers today provide an array of ethically sourced diamond options and each cut and size matters. As you navigate through the complex process of picking truly ethical wedding rings, you need expert advice to make the right choice. Also, you want to come up with a ring that represents and supports love and progress. Here are some tips to help you buy an ethical wedding ring:

Ask for Details About the Diamond

When investing in an ethical wedding ring, you must ask where the diamonds and gemstones were mined. A reputable jeweler knows each step in the path from mining to marketing. While ethical sourcing is usually deemed hard for small gems, the best jeweler ensures their pave stones are traceable.

Choose Responsible Metals

A piece of gold ring can create tons of waste. Mining metals is a toxic industry that produces a significant number of pollutants every year. If you want to embrace an ethical practice, you must support the small guys out there who are doing it right. Pick Anouk Jewelry ethical wedding rings made in certified gold and metals extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisan miners. 

Purchase a Handmade Ring

When you buy any piece of wedding jewelry, think of everything in the long term. You will want a ring that stands the test of time for the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. A handmade wedding ring of precious metals and gemstones is a great investment you rarely take off or throw away. Jewelers that offer custom-made pieces can personalize every ring to be unique while using low-impact, eco-friendly processes to minimize their carbon footprint. They design and make their pieces locally, mainly by their talented in-house staff of artisans or with skilled craftsmen.

Think about the Color

Colored gemstones are an excellent way to express your personality and avoid the diamond conversation altogether. The best jeweler works with established mines and support newly-engaged, responsible minors to make sure every gemstone they source meets their specific ethical standards. 

Consider Using your Heirlooms

You can also create ethical wedding rings you can be proud of by avoiding new materials altogether. A recycled heirloom or vintage piece lets you come up with a new piece without expending new resources. Also, some of your older diamonds and other gemstones are still beautiful and may only need a simple polish. A good jewelry can easily give your heirloom or diamond a makeover.