Jeans To Level Up Your Looks 

Jeans are much older than we generally think. Jeans are ancient in their origin, and yet it is still one of the most popular choices in attire. Jeans originally were a functional attire. It became fashionable during the 1950s after many celebs started wearing it. At the time, flared jeans were immensely popular and became a symbol of breaking the shackles of traditionalism.

Types of Jeans

There are varieties of jeans that have been popular over the different decades. Jeans have repeatedly made a comeback in all popular styles. 

Bootcut jeans  

These jeans were called bell-bottoms during the 1960s and 1970s in the US. Their structure would be comprehensive, like a bell below the knees, called bell-bottom. In the early 2000s, flared jeans entered again with the less comprehensive ankle part. They were now called Bootcut. Bootcut jeans are a  must-have in a wardrobe due to their comfortable fit. It suits all body types. It can be teamed up with a simple white tee, denim shirt, or top. In the early 2000s, low-waist jeans were the norm. Now high-waist jeans are preferred.

Slim-fit jeans 

Slim-fit Jeans for women are comfortable and less fitting than skinny jeans. The fabric of these jeans is generally lighter and thinner. The thin material makes them better for summers when the sweltering heat gives you trouble in skinny jeans. Many women prefer it over skinny jeans. Good for outdoors or casual outings with friends and families. It can be worn with tees and tops alike. Wear slim-fit jeans with a loose crop top if you want to create a specific look of comfortable yet stylish wear. Color combinations are various; go with a lighter color top if it is sunny.

Skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans are tightly-fitted, which look like a second skin, although blue. These jeans have a lighter material, and spandex is often used to give them elasticity. It has a separate and huge fan following. Women prefer skinny jeans as it defines their legs. It can be teamed with all types of tops. Skinny jeans are comfortable if the weather is not too hot or humid. High-waist and low-waist skinny jeans both are worn as per choice.

Other styles

Jeans are unique in the way they have so many styles. Styles other than those mentioned above are Boyfriend Jeans, Mom Jeans, Straight fit Jeans, etc. Boyfriend jeans are a more comfortable and laid-back style. It is like you wore jeans borrowed from your boyfriend, hence the name. Mom’s jeans are back in style. They were initially worn by older women in America and are high-waisted and ankle-length Jeans. Straight-fit, as the name suggests, is straight in fitting and has a bigger ankle diameter than slim-fit jeans.

Jeans have been popular through the ages. Whatever the style, this attire has changed from functionality to uber fashion quotient. The jeans are here to remain for the next generation as well. Add jeans to your wardrobe to make it versatile, as this single piece of denim can add a fun element to your style. Vero Moda has an extensive range of jeans to choose from. So go ahead and get shopping!