Light Your Cigarettes With Vintage Lighters

As the 19th century began with industrialization on its peak, the owners of the factories and workhouses were looking for a way to ignite fire automatically to save the cost of coal and fire woods. 

So the scientists began the researches on how to create automated artificial fire and in 1926 a truly automated lighter was created by Ronson Company. The model was called ‘Banjo’ and you could create a flame by simply pressing a button and extinguishing the flame by releasing it. Visit here for more.

As the vintage lighters came into being in steampunk era so it is safe to call it symbolic of steampunk. People used to carry lighters to light their cigars as a status symbol. The lighters that gradually became popular in England had so many different designs and sizes, some had gears upon it, some that engravings upon it, some were customized, some musical, some had a key holder or keychain attached to it and some wooden. 

Lighters were an expensive accessory because of its liquid and its mechanism but it was a thing worth having so its fashion got restricted to some of the people who loved retro stuff. But, people in today’s modern world started going back to the beautiful vintage lighters just because the lighters make a person look more attractive. 

The lighters that came back into fashion and are at the top of the list of thesteampunkartifacts are:

  • LHCP 6.5*3.4*1.5cm 160g brass 100% handmake punk Steampunk Heavy automatic kerosene trench lighter Antique collection; it is a simple lighter but a classical one. 
  • CCYY zorr brand brass old style retro handmade welding gear turn run coin steampunk B lighter; this lighter got a lot of gears which makes it special than others.
  • LSDL brass handmade Steampunk II luminous lighter nine Gear joint running Heavy armor lighter; this lighter got blue and gold gear work on it making it look super vintage.
  • BQYC brass steampunk handmade welding technology watches lighter gold liner; this lighter got a small clock and other small gears it also has the color combination of copper and gold.
  • XGQ Japan RETRO GAMES DIY handmade brass Steampunk Kerosene Lighter Retro Vintage; this vintage lighter looks like a real furnace with all its switches, this is what makes it exceptional. 
  • SRZ65*45*35mm handmade Steampunk brass lighter Domineering heavy armor deformation robot; this lighter looks like it just came from the world of transformers itself as it got the logo of ‘Auto Bots’ on top of it. It is an iron cut lighter from Transformers.

These lighters are on the top of steampunk lighter’s list, as online stats show; these are the ones that people buy the most. You can buy them in low rates from