Look for the perfect Massage Parlor Options Now

It is not easy to make your choice because today it must be done most often on the internet for a material that we would like to test before buying it.

For that, take advantage of the well-being salons that are regularly organized all over France, you can sometimes find on sites like the right corner people who sell new or used Massage tables in very good condition.

Then you will be able to see and test your equipment before buying it and in addition may be making a good deal.

  • If you are getting a massage ask your masseur or masseuse what type of table he / she uses, he will provide you with valuable advice.
  • Okay, but you’re going to tell me yes, but it’s not necessarily what I’m looking for or my budget
  • We will describe in this article the essential points to take into account when making your choice.

First you have to think about how you are going to use your table

If you have to move or simply move your table in your massage place in 강남마사지, prefer a folding table that is the one that is found most often, but beware there are also fixed models do not be mistaken.

Folding relaxation massage tables are easily installed and closed in less than 2 minutes by being alone, all you need is the right technique.

Quick Opening Technique Of A Massage Table

Unfold the table, keeping it on its edge, be careful, the small black ends are made to stay in contact with the ground and not to damage your table. Be careful that the table you buy always has it.

Sit at the end of your table, one of your hands will catch the upper corner, while the other will catch the lower corner. Bend on your legs and while straightening gently tilt the table to bring the 2 feet that were in the air back to the ground. Your table is then placed on its 4 legs you have no effort and it did not take you more than 2 minutes

Choice of the material of your massage table:

There are wooden or metal tables, both are solid and will manage to support any type of person even very strong.

Aluminum tables are on average lighter by 2 kilos in comparison with folding wooden massage tables, do not look for the lighter table at all costs, which can be less comfortable, less stable.

In fact by seeking to reduce the weight, the table can also be shorter and wide, adjust less in height, have a lesser thickness or less dense foam.

Number of parts of a massage table:

For a well-being massage, a table that folds in half will be perfectly suitable, however I recommend that it includes a removable external headrest and possibly a facial hole at the end of the table.

The external arm rests will not be necessary to perform relaxation massages, they are often used in the practice of aesthetic care.