Malaysian hair versus Indian hair

Knowing about different hair

The texture of Malaysian hair is gentle, silky, and is much heavier and thicker than any other hair source. The Indian hair is abundant, airy, and light, while its hair isn’t smooth or short as Malaysian hair. Due to the heaviness and thickness of the Malaysian hair, it has long curls and is strong. Indian hair, on the other hand, has very well curls. You can also buy Malaysian hair weavesonline.

Which one is of your type?

Many prefer Malaysian because of its straight length, hair’s thickness, silkiness, and shine. Indian hair’s high luster and airy, sweet, hustling sensation make straight hair preferred only to it. However, Indian hair can take longer to maintain, as it has a natural wavier / curlier texture, so that further straightening may be needed.

About Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair is smoother, thicker than Indian hair, and finer and silkier. The hair with a gentle wave dries straight away and looks even more natural after a few pieces of washing. The hair has a very luxurious feel and a great natural shine. The virgin Malaysian hair is very famous, for the curls and is needed to be well preserved. Curls last the whole day without loosening or falling and no hair product is required for its shape. The density of malaysian hair bundles is over the center which makes it strong.

About Indian hair

The density of the Indian hair is very healthy. Therefore, it’s naturally airy, lightweight, and bouncy and quick to curl and style. The virgin Indian hair tends to dry into a lovely wave that varies from lightwave to very wavy, though it straightens and curls very quickly. It is all up to one’s personal choice that which hairstyle suits her.

The juxtaposition between Malaysian and Indian hair

  • Hair density

Malaysian hair density is at the center and is luxurious hair because of its glossy appearance compared to other hair extensions like Brazilian hair, Indian hair. Malaysian hair is considerably coarser than other styles of hair. The Malaysian virgin hair is usually very simple and low in maintenance. India’s hair is, however, naturally dark and ranges from fine to medium in color.

  • Versatility

Indian hair has the natural design that means you don’t have to permit or curl your hair like a sweet wave and a deep wave. The Malaysian hair texture is good enough for professional advice on curling and testing. You may apply heat which increases your hair’s natural size and vibrating. Moreover, Malaysian hair also has very good curls and tends to keep curls longer.

  • Low maintenance

As far as the hair treatment is concerned, both Malaysian hair and Indian hair are among the finest of the hair. In general, just keep your hair clean and ensure your hair is washed and conditioned at least once a week, its better two times a week. The easiest way to remove dirt from your hair is to get warm and dry your scalp. Using some natural hair oil is the best option for looking after your hair.

Think and Decide

There are various kinds of human hair weaves. The consistency of the hair mounted determines how fine the hair tissue looks. The most common grade of hair is Virgin hair as it can be used for many installations and can also be colored in any color. African American women have several different hair textures; luckily, there are various textures and different fabric styles that match every garment. Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian hair are the most common forms of hair. Whatever hairstyle you choose, you can have beautiful hair only after you take good care of them. Wavy, silky, shiny Malaysian hair is holding an edge.  Indian hair is the wavelength and curly, smooth, and with a high luster. Keep experimenting with your hairstyles.  Be wise in making the correct choice for your hair.