Malaysian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair

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Today I will be talking about the difference and the similarities between different types of hair. Specifically I will be talking about the difference between Malaysian Hair and Brazilian Hair. You might have heard about different textures of hair named after regions. That is because the hair are supposed to be sourced from women in that region.

Before I start, I want to make a quick disclaimer that I am not a hair expert by any means. All I will be writing is from my personal experience. Your mileage may vary.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair a one of the most popular type of hair out there. You can find this type of human hair weaves and wigs for sale in almost everywhere. Like from the beauty supply stores and overseas, you can find Brazilian hair anywhere. But some cool things to note about Brazilian hair, compared to different texture of hair. Brazilian hair have natural shiny luster to it. So this type of hair is definitely going to give you a little bit of natural shine. With Brazilian hair you will be getting low to medium luster range.

This kind of hair are, for one, very low maintenance and it holds the curls very well. Another thing about Brazilian hair is that they are very bouncy and full. Personally, Brazilian hair is my favorite out of the virgin hair group. In my opinion, Brazilian hair matches relaxed African-American hair better than other type of hair.

Malaysian Hair

Typically then texture of Malaysian virgin hair is very straight, but sometimes it does have slight wave to it, depending on the donor, and when the hair were taken. Wavy Malaysian hair are usually heavier and thicker than Brazilian hair. It is super silky and has a breathtaking natural shine to it.

If you are African/Afro-American, you can get the Malaysian hair without even thinking about it. It is probably the best type of hair for you.

That should do, if you liked this comparison between Malaysian and Brazilian hair, then make sure to let me know in the comments section.