Myntra Insider Masterclass: Channel Your Inner Fashionista

It was just yesterday that Deepika Padukone was breaking the Internet with her stunning Sabyasachi bridal lehenga. Almost every single look from the wedding, including details such as her blouse design and jewellery are what dreams are made of. Deepika was the picture-perfect definition of the traditional yet modern Indian bride and also the trendsetter of #bridegoals.

It comes as no surprise that celebrities like Deepika are setting these unattainable fashion standards for us commoners. They have the finest team of stylists, makeup artists, and a whole entourage to help them stun on the red carpet. But what if we told you that you too could make your fashion dreams a reality? What if we told you that you too could look like a celebrity? Now you too can look effortlessly stylish with the Myntra Insider Masterclass.

What is Myntra Insider Masterclass?

After bringing us the best of fashion for 13 successful years, Myntra decided to spice things up with the Myntra Insider Masterclass, India’s first expert fashion lessons. With how fast the world of fashion has been transitioning, Myntra doesn’t want you to miss out on channeling your inner fashionista no matter what the occasion. Aimed to help people chart their own success in both professional and social setups, Myntra Insider Masterclass has you sorted. The concept has been captured in the form of detailed videos by celebrity stylists from all over the world.

How does the Myntra Insider Masterclass work?

In each Myntra Insider Masterclass, a style expert takes viewers through regular social settings, such as a wedding, a party, a music concert, a fancy hotel stay, dinner at an up-town restaurant, running errands, a family gathering, etc. to help them make smarter fashion decisions. Celebrity stylists like Sanjay Kumar, Tanya Ghavri, Mohit Rai, Aastha Sharma, and so many others help you understand your body shape, personal sense of style and trends so that you can curate the perfect outfit to suit every occasion. Each Masterclass comes out in advance with a short trailer to give you a gist of what awaits you and if it is worth your time. Side note: the Myntra Masterclass wedding-time fashion would be the kind of session a bride-to-be should watch out for.

How can you sign up for the Myntra Insider Masterclass?

In order to participate in a Myntra Insider Masterclass, you have to first become a Myntra Insider member. A registered Myntra user needs to earn 100 Insider points to become a member. Once you have become a member, you can access all the Masterclass episodes, but with one condition. You need to have a sufficient number of Insider points to unlock each episode. In order to earn Insider points, you can:

  1. Shop on Myntra and earn 1 Insider point for every Rs 10 spent.
  2. Explore and complete certain tasks (like playing simple games on the app) to earn Insider points.

Once you have sufficient funds to watch a Myntra Insider Masterclass episode, grab your notebook and start jotting down all the tips, tricks and product recommendations from the celebrity stylist. You can re-watch the episode in case you missed out on something, so there’s no need to stress.

It is not every day that a brand comes up with a strategy to help you dress your best. We suggest you take a plunge and sign yourself up for a session of your liking. See you there!