Olsen Clothing – A Firm Fashion Favourite For UK Shoppers

When former child stars turned designers, Olsen twins, launched their clothing line for women, it became pretty popular among young women mainly because of its price tags. It is the go-to clothing brand for women with minimalist fashion style, and the clothing line is up for major fashion awards.

Think of child stars-turned-designers who have made it in the styling world, and the first person that comes to mind would be Victoria Beckham. She has been photographed in all places – the right places. Her clothes are endorsed and worn by other A-list celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria, and Beyoncé.

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There was that emotional acceptance speech when Victoria Beckham was handed her first Brit Fashion Award. Her brand has made the transition from being one of the Spice Girls, to a fashion lifestyle maven look very easy. But there is another celebrity brand that has been taking the United Kingdom couture market by storm, and it is starting to reap the rewards – the Olsen clothing line for women.

It was nominated for two CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards. It was the equivalent of the Brit Fashion Awards, and the Olsen brand is in the company of Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs. It is safe to say that the siblings are no longer former child stars trying their best to break into the UK styling world. Their success is not a fluke; it is not taken very seriously by styling experts. What is more, the CFDA is pretty familiar territory, and they have won both awards before.

Steady rise

Both twins were very famous in the United States since they were small children starring in American sitcoms like Full House, then they are starring movie franchises till early 2000. One of the sisters, Mary-Kate, became something of a style symbol as part of the mid-noughties Los Angeles boho look, with big hats, draped layers, oversized sunglasses, and more oversized bags.

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By the age of 10, the Olsen twins became millionaires and could afford a styling folly. But their clothing line is actually anything but, it has become a favorite among styling enthusiasts in the industry, especially in the United Kingdom. And that is the most significant endorsement the siblings can get. It is because the brand speaks the styling industry’s language. It is minimalist and understated, luxurious, without being dull and boring.

The brand’s future

Not almost ten years in the industry, the company has nailed a loungy minimalist as their aesthetic – a Mary-Kate’s couture style but without a droopy fedora insight. Instead of wanting to look like the Olsen twins, styling enthusiasts just want to wear their clothes. And it helps that their products are reassuringly expensive.

Backpacks, white cotton shirts, designer bags, or alligator backpacks, all of their products cost at least £500 or more. That puts it up there with some of the priciest luxury brands like Célines or Saint Laurents, without obviously shouting about it. That is a statement of intent. It is the territory that the Olsen clothing for women is trying to enter – going from a celebrity brand to the upper level of the United Kingdom styling world.

The Olsen twins are taking their time to do all of this. While the Beckham brand has expertly used their personal public profile to help promote their company, the twins have taken a step back from their former celebrity status. For instance, both are rarely on any red-carpet events.

It means that some European, especially British women who bought their women’s clothing may have no idea of their celebrity status. And that is how the Olsen brand likes it. Their couture line is now a multi-million-dollar company, and their first United Kingdom store opens a few years back.

Because the British styling community embraced its company, they took the United Kingdom couture industry by storm. By now, the clothing line already has a couple of fashion awards under their belt. The next step is to dominate the world with their sophisticated and minimalistic women’s clothing line.