Sonoma County Based Maternity Photographer

Capture the magic of pregnancy.

It’s a pleasant surprise that many expecting mothers want to document the exciting and special time of pregnancy happenings. Whether you’re starting as a professional maternity photographer or you just want to capture some professional-looking maternity shots of that baby bump, here is some valuable advice to get you started on maternity photoshoots. “The maternity pictures and shoots of the expecting mother tend to mean something special, their hopes, their fears, yet knowing once they lay eyes on their babies earth side, all of it disappears and they are just surrounded by a deep, indescribable love that we the Kansas City MO Family Photographer give them the best attention more often,” Says Judi the Solo Photographer head of Judy Lynn Photography-

Time your photo session.

The ideal time for doing a maternity photoshoot is actually between 28 and 35 weeks. After 28 weeks, the soon-to-be mum would have a beautiful belly and plenty of time is left to get a magical photoshoot and print the photos for a baby shower display. After 35 weeks, however, she may be too uncomfortable to enjoy posing for photos due to discomforts.

Prepare for the photoshoot:

Communicate with your subject:

If you don’t know each other well and even if you find your client to be nervous about posing for photos. My first job is to find out what she wants from the maternity session and enrich her with every knowledge she needs to know to feel comfortable during the session. “It is really important to explain the to-do process that provides the client before start of the session with all the information. Get on the phone and just have a quick chit-chat beforehand, so that when she comes into the studio you’re ready by little familiarization,” says maternity photographer Judi Lynn.

Consider timing and location:

While many expecting mothers subject to outdoor sessions, others prefer the confined controlled environment of a photography studio. If you plan to shoot outdoors, make sure that you account for the mobility of the expecting mum, any weather concerns and optimal time of day should be checked beforehand. Golden hour photos are beautiful, but they provide many challenges like quickly changing light conditions and walking back to the car in the dark presently. Don’t make your client climb a mountain so you can capture sweeping views of the surrounding area if it means walking a dangerous path at night.

Plan the photos you want to capture:

As with maternity lifestyle photography, the more prepared you are with the required arrangements, the smoother your photoshoot will go. If you’re new to these types of maternity photoshoots, look through example photos online to pick up maternity photography an idea that suits your taste. Make your sense of the styles, poses, and compositions you like that exist in your mind. Don’t copy others’ original work, but take inspiration wherever you happen to find it in any situation. Kindly make a list of shots to be taken according to the client’s wish. This short list will help you to stay on track and avoid wasting time wondering what to do next in the maternity photoshoot.