Sunless Tanning: A Sure way to Achieve the Summer sun

People know that tanning in the sun is harmful to our skin. But did you know that solar lamps can damage our skin? No matter what the source, solar or ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet radiation is responsible for age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, you can go further with other safe skin tanning options. For example, sunless tanning options, such as tanning, are safe for the skin.

More about tanning

Self-tanning, whether spray, gel or lotion stimulates the production of melanin in the outer layer of the skin, which is also called the stratum corneum. Unlike using a tanning bed or sunbathing, only the upper layer of the epidermis is affected, while others are not.

There are two main ingredients in each tan. The first is DHA or dihydroxyacetone. This is the main or active ingredient that makes the skin change color and looks sunny. Dihydroxyacetone is a colorless sugar that reacts with dead skin cells in the epidermis, causing a color change.

Another important tanning product is tyrosine, which is actually an amino acid that helps increase the production of melanin in the skin. The tan may or may not contain this ingredient. In fact, tyrosine can best be defined as a tanning accelerator.

Tanning effects

Tanning compositions contain harmless ingredients that change the color of the skin and give it a bronze effect. Since dead skin cells generally remain in the body for seven to ten days, the tan also lasts for seven to ten days. You can reapply the tan without worrying about the side effects.

The choice of tanning

Many dihydroxyacetone-based tanning products are currently available, both in regular markets and on the Internet. All these products do not contain an equal amount of DHA. Depending on the desired shade of tanning, select the product. In fact, you should choose a sunscreen lotion or a suntan gel, depending on your own skin tone. See if a particular tan is designed for a light, light or medium or dark skin tone, and buy the product accordingly and when purchasing online, be careful to avoid fake tan & body scrubs online.

Tips for using the sunless sunscreen

If you want to achieve a perfect tan without stripes, it is recommended that you be patient and give it some time. After all, it is a safe method to achieve the perfect bronze look.

The first step you should take is to properly exfoliate your skin. Use a good exfoliating body, preferably one that contains natural ingredients. Gently brush your skin. This will remove all dead skin cells and prepare your body for excellent tanning. Once you have prepared your skin, you can apply the suntan lotion according to the instructions and achieve an excellent tan without spending too much money or time.