The 4 Cs of Brilliance That Results In a Diamond

Buying diamonds is all about choice and the importance one places on the 4 Cs namely clarity, cut, colour and carat. It is the buyer’s discretion as to which diamond to buy based on the same and the seller should also mention the same when wanting to sell a diamond ring. In fact there are times when many people come to diamond merchants seeking an answer to the question, “how to sell my diamond ring online.

The answer is actually very simple and is related to the 4 Cs mentioned above:

  • Clarity

Diamonds are mined from deep within the Earth’s crust. They are formed in these depths due to extreme pressure and heat which metamorphoses rocks and turns them into diamond. But during the process of metamorphosis, certain “birthmarks” or imperfections get added either within or on the surface of the diamond. When the marks are on the surface they are called blemishes and the ones inside are called inclusions. Clarity is a measure of the degree of imperfection contained in a diamond.

  • Cut

This refers to the facets that a diamond gets when it is cut and polished. Diamonds have a unique quality of refracting light which is often referred to as its brilliance in layman terms. It is however, the cut of the diamond which defines the sparkling brilliance of the diamond. Thus the more facets a diamond has, the better is the cut and also the brilliance.

  • Colour

Generally a diamond which is transparent with absolutely no hues of colour is said to be the costliest and also the rarest. Diamonds are also available in the colours of pink and red, which are again said to be very rare, green, blue, brown, black and even white and many different shades of yellow.

  • Carat

This is a measure of the weight of the diamonds and a metric carat is equal to about 200milligrams. Since every carat is divided further into 100points, they enable accurate measurement of the diamond.

Thus when buying diamonds it should be remembered that all the 4C s individually impacts the price of the diamond in different ways. This has to be factored in when buying the same.