The Age of Mobile Photography: Phone over a Camera

In a world where technology is developing fast, the field of photography isn’t left far behind. Many developed high-end cameras have come into the market but the young photographers with little funds chose to turn in the direction of smartphones for the job. Smartphones have taken over the world in just a few years, they developed fast too and so did their cameras. Photographers now can use even a phone camera to click a decent quality photo and practice their photography skills. With ever-increasing numbers of people turning towards mobile photography, it has become a type of photography on it’s own. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and thus, the number of mobile photographers is huge. Though it cannot click high-quality images like a DSLR or any professional camera, phone cameras do offer various things to the photographers for ease in capturing the shot they want and features that make them preferable to the masses.

The first and the most important difference as to why people are moving towards mobile photography is the price. Mobile is cheaper compared to a professional camera, on top of that it does not require additional lenses to be mounted. Mobile cameras can be used to click photos quickly anywhere you are, you don’t even have to worry about storing them somewhere. It’s compact size and other uses due to which we keep it with ourselves every time makes it possible to take a photo anywhere, anytime. On top of that mobile offers various features which you can control using the touchscreen. If you open your default camera app on the phone you will see many modes that you can use to capture photos like night, portrait, video, slo-mo, pano, etc. These modes have different inbuilt properties. If you select the expert or the manual mode, you can control the ISO, shutter speed, autofocus, exposure value and white balance. You can tweak these controls to get the effect you want. You can also zoom and lock a focus point.

All the things mentioned above are available in the default camera app of any smartphone. Many photographers use a camera or edit photo app to click pictures. These apps come with many built-in filters and stickers. What else? These applications also offer controls to further edit our photos. You can control the brightness in the photo, the balance of colors, you can even add or remove objects from the photos in some apps, you can add effects and put stickers on your photos in the app. The b612 app offers many features like color grading, editing photos and videos, use and even offers to create your own filter, add stickers and much more. All these features if used correctly can result in some neat-looking images. Various filters have blown up and now are a norm on social media.

Mobile photography has made it possible for everyone to be a photographer in their own way. Remember to always stay clicking.