The Apple Body Shape: Stylish Dresses to Show Off the Curves

Having to figure out how to dress according to the body shape can always feel daunting, however, once people get used to it, it will just be as easy as taking off the wrapping of a candy.

After finding the silhouettes and shapes that would work appropriately for the body type, individuals will never have to waste a lot of time when figuring out what to wear and wonder if the clothes will look good. Yishion Online is a great site to help people find affordable clothes appropriate for their liking and body types.

Finding out the body type is the primal step for dressing. To be specific, people with shoulders wider than their hips, and have a fuller bust and wide torso are more likely to belong to those with apple body shape or inverted triangle.

Choosing the best fitting clothes for an apple shape can always be tricky, and the best solution every individual do is to stick with the one-and-done dresses. To help individuals find the best apple body dress that would work well for their larger bust and tummy, here are some dresses to help highlight their bust and slim down their shoulders.

The V-neck dresses

Fortunately, people with apple shape bodies are easier to dress up so long as they know what part of their body they should give emphasis. If they want to focus on their full bust, then wearing v-neck pieces is fully recommended. These would highlight their ample bosom and at the same time draw away the attention from their midsection or tummy to their upper portions such as their pretty faces. Summery sleeveless v-neck would be a great option for people who want to show off their arms.

These types of dresses would help people avoid looking heavy on the top and would make them look elongated and slimmer. Moreover, the shape looks great in different fabrics and prints, so people could feel free to try different trends and styles.

The cozy shift

A cozy shift type of dress is a great option to be comfortable while hiding the midsection of the body. Shift works well on people with apple shapes because they offer more comfort and room in the middle section while keeping people look polished and cozy. Since the dress skims the outer lines of the torso, it would keep the tummy hidden while freely allowing the legs and arms to stand out. This is great for weekends because it is not restricting and is more laid-back than the other styles and is perfect for busy days full of brunch and errands. Moreover, shifts aren’t just for casual wears, they could also be used for work when paired with pumps and tailored blazers. Also, people should reach for options that have detailing or embellishments to draw the eyes and focus towards the parts of their body that they want to highlight like using a fun hemline, a ruffled sleeve, or a bejeweled neckline.

The A-line dresses

Another great option to balance out the attention to the legs and bust, A-line dresses work for all lengths so people can rock a knee-length, midi, or mini frock. They are also free to wear revealing designs so long as they’re prepared for any wardrobe malfunctions. Also, the classic silhouette is very versatile because it could be layered with a fitted cardigan for an outfit in the offices or dress it up with some accessories and strappy heels for the night drinks. For the colors, individuals could choose darker colors to make them look slimmers, fun prints for occasions, and bright patterns to make them astonishing.


People with an apple shape body are fuller around their midsection; if they happen to gain weight, it would easily show up around their upper body and belly. These individuals usually have larger breasts and have broader shoulders and upper arms, while their butts tend to be flat and legs to be slim. It is recommended for these people to choose clothes that would emphasize their assets such as their bust and legs and try to camouflage their less than perfect parts. However, since pairing up tops and jeans could sometimes be a waste of time, the best solution advised for these individuals is to wear dresses.

As mentioned above, these apple dresses would help people flaunt their best parts while creating illusions to show off their assets. Examples of these dresses are also available in Yishion Online aside from all other clothes for other body types; in this site, people can check amazing clothes and have ideas on the latest trend.