The Best Choices for the Best SPA Options

Before starting any complex of SPA procedures for hair, consult a trichologist. In large salons and beauty institutes there is usually a full-time specialist, if it is not there, then a trichologist can also be found in a multidisciplinary clinic or diagnostic center. At the StromSpa you will need to have the best choices here and that is why it is wise to try it out now.

SPA facial treatments

In the salons you will be offered scrubs and peels, vitamin and clay masks, massages and hardware procedures. To consolidate the result, it is worth paying attention to lotions, creams and cosmetics based on marine minerals.

SPA treatments for hands

Often, SPA programs for hands include only manicures, but, in fact, they include a whole ritual of hand skin care relaxing baths with the addition of sea salt, anti-aging masks, massage with aromatic oils. Paraffin therapy has been very popular in recent years, and not only among women, but also men, because everyone wants to have well-groomed hands. Also in the salon you will be helped to choose the right hand cream that you can (and should) use at home.

SPA treatments for legs

Beautiful legs are the “visiting card” of a woman, therefore, various SPA-complexes for legs have become a “masthead” for women of any age. Depending on individual characteristics and needs, you may be advised of decongestants and anti-varicose veins. Baths with salt and essential oils will help get rid of fatigue in the legs, special wraps (mud, algae, even chocolate) from ugly “stars” and too noticeable veins, manual and hydromassage will help to gain ease of walking.


Before conducting SPA for arms, legs and body, consult with a specialist, for some diseases such cosmetic procedures may be contraindicated. Also determine if you are allergic to the constituent ingredients of the masks and wraps.

SPA body treatments

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of spa treatments for the body: this is detox, and facial rejuvenation norwell ma, and anti-cellulite measures, and relaxation of the whole body, and getting rid of minor inflammations, and improving metabolism, and much more.

Popular full body spa treatments:

  • salt and algal peels
  • body wraps, starting from mineral ones (using mud, algae and even healing mud) to pearl and silk
  • baths: sea, dairy, modeling, relaxing
  • Jacuzzi with hydromassage, phytobarrel, hammam, sauna

Special attention deserves massage, occupying one of the key places in the complex of spa procedures. Among the most popular options, one can distinguish Thai, Balinese, stone and using aroma bags, anti-cellulite, relaxing, tonic and many others. Usually massage is preceded by a set of skin cleansing procedures. For example, there is steaming in a hamam, scrub or wrapping.

Here is a far from complete list of services that may be part of a SPA body care ritual. After the first session, you will feel the beneficial effect of the procedures and you will want to come again. However, this will only be for the best regular SPA events will make your body not only more beautiful, but also more healthy.