The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type 

A drug store hair product aisle displays an average of 500 or more items. Out of those many, only a handful is likely to work for your hair type. So, how does a person find the right shampoo, the right conditioner and the right hair loss hair spray from this veritable ocean of products? The answer is simple. Let your hair type be the guide.

Here is what’s best for your hair judging by its type. 

Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Every shampoo is made for a certain hair type. That explains why a certain product has variable results on different hair types. So, it’s critical that you make your choice depending on your hair type. Here is a quick guide to that. 

  • Fine hair is flat and limp. What it needs is a little lift. A volumizing shampoo would be excellent to keep your straight fine hair from weighing down. A natural biotin shampoo is a great example of a shampoo that gives fine hair a bit of body. 
  • For curly frizzy hair, the best pick is a shampoo that cleans and hydrates. Hydration causes hair to detangle and smooth out. This is also a good pick for coarse hair types lacking in shine and moisture. 
  • If your mane is thick and straight, you need a more middle-of-the-road product which does not tip too much on either volume or hydration. So, you need a shampoo that does both, but in moderation. 
  • On coiled and kinky hair, only the creamiest of shampoos work. Kinky hair is 50% dry which means you need heavy miniaturization for your locks. 
  • The last type of hair which is also the most common type is wavy hair. This kind of hair needs a bit of pouf control on normal days. So, pick a fizz-fighting shampoo that contains natural oils but is light enough to keep your tresses light and bouncy. 

Conditioners Based on Your Hair Type 

Following are the kinds of conditioners that one needs for their specific hair types. 

  • For straight hair that is heat and color damaged, you need something fortifying. A biotin infused conditioner that strengthens over-processed hair is the kind of product that can revert brittle hair. Such shampoos carry proteins which are integral to the reversal of damaged hair condition. 
  • If your hair is dense and curly or kinky and coarse, pick the best biotin conditioner that you can get. These conditioners hydrate and moisturize making curly hair look shiny and smooth.
  • For hair that is neither curly nor straight, you need a conditioner that is rich in moisture. It will smooth out the frizz and seal the hair cuticles making hair straighter and voluminous. 

Hair Spray for Your Hair Loss 

If you are losing your precious locks at an alarming rate, it’s time you start using a hair spray to revitalize the roots. A biotin hair spray is a great option considering that it both stimulates hair growth and checks hair loss. Couples that with a DHT blocker spray to actively fight hair fall.