The Pros and Cons of Couples Shopping Together for Engagement Rings

Perhaps the proposal has already happened, or one is in the works. So, what are the customs today for choosing an engagement ring for the lucky bride-to-be? Tossing tradition aside let’s evaluate the pros and cons of shopping for engagement rings as a couple.

The Pros of Shopping for Engagement Rings Together

  1. She’s Sure to Love the Ring—A woman plans to wear her engagement ring for life, so truly loving it is important. There are so many styles to choose from, having her there to at least give him an idea of what she’s into is a good idea. Perhaps, she can pick out a few and let him have the final choice to maintain the ‘surprise’ element.
  2. Less Stress for the Fiancé—It’s hard to guess what a woman likes, because how often do guys go jewelry shopping with their lady? With her there, the stress factor is off the table.
  3. You’ll Make a Big Decision Together—Engagement rings can be a major investment, and this might be many couples first time to make one together. This could be a wonderful opportunity to get a bigger picture of the cooperation that marriage requires.

The Cons of Picking an Engagement Ring as a Couple

  1. Will it Lack the Surprise Factor? —This might be if you’re both set on the big shiny rock in a box as you get on one knee for a big proposal. However, she could still pick her own ring if you tuck an invitation for a ring shopping trip into a ring box and then propose. She’ll know you want her involved in the process.
  2. Budget Concerns—If the ring she gets her heart set on is out of the budget, it can become uncomfortable during the shopping trip. She’ll also know what you’re willing to spend, and this can lead to disappointment to both parties.