Things to Consider for a Perfect Summer Maxi Dress in Singapore

A maxi dress is among the most popular summer outfits in Singapore. Women love wearing maxi dresses because they are breathable and comfortable for the skin. In a country where summer means hot and humid weather, a dress that will allow you to move around without sweating too much is a great convenience. That is what a maxi dress is.

However, not all maxi dresses are alike. Today, we will share with you some tips and must-knows for when you need to buy your new maxi dress.

What Exactly is a Maxi Dress?

A maxi dress in Singapore is a long dress that typically is floor-length or stops at the ankles. It is a casual outfit that nonetheless appears stylish enough for many occasions. Maxi dresses fit more snugly at the top and flow more loosely at the bottom.

Additionally, since maxi dresses are composed of lightweight cotton or polyester, they are comfortable enough to wear in hot and humid weather. They also come in lots of patterns and colours. A maxi Batik dress in Singapore is one of the popular takes for the style that combines its form and the distinct Batik pattern of Indonesia.

Maxi Dress is Not Very New

As with many other fashion statements today, a maxi dress is not something new. You’ll be surprised to know that your grannies wore the same style back in their younger years.

In the 1960s, maxi dresses first gained popularity as high-end fashion pieces. The dress remained fashionable through the 1970s before entering a brief slump in the 1980s. The maxi dress recently made a comeback as a summer and semi-formal outfit in many countries.

3 Tips For Buying a Maxi Dress

With your favourite pair of shoes and a simple bag, you may dress down a maxi dress for daily wear. It is best to pick a maxi dress with a more relaxed yet stylish appearance. Here are a few pointers when purchasing a new maxi dress:

1. Choose a Comfortable Fabric.

A good maxi dress must be comfortable and breathable as it will cover most of the skin on your lower limbs. Opt for a cotton dress in Singapore if you want maximum sweat absorption and breathability. Avoid polyester as it does not absorb sweat and tends to be rather warm on the skin.

2. Opt for Versatile Prints.

Prints like Modern Batik in Singapore are versatile. They can fit well on many occasions and will not make you look overdressed most of the time. You may also stick with plain or ombre styles if you are not certain which prints to get.

3. Pick the Right Size.

Choosing the right size for the maxi dress is crucial. The best way to check the fit of a maxi dress is to stick to the length of the skirt. If it should be ankle-length, you need to find the size that stops at your ankles.

The Benefit of Having a Maxi Dress in Your Wardrobe

A maxi dress in your wardrobe can give you a lot of benefits. They are a cool-weather apparel alternative if you need something loose and breathable but still want to stay cool in the heat.

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