Things you can do with leftover jewelry beads

Many times after you had finished your beading project, you must have realised that you still have some leftover jewelry beads with you. With little, you cannot do a small pattern but that doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Yes, you can use to make other stuff. Below are some ideas that you can try with the extra beads. After all, don’t let those extra beautiful beads sleep around in your closet.

Project ideas with leftover beads

  • Earrings

Usually, to make earrings you don’t need a lot of beads. That is why this idea is an ideal way of using leftover beads. Just use some wire to make amazing hoop earrings or use a headpin to string them.

  • Accent beads

To bring any piece of jewelry to life, all you need is a simple focal point. For example, you can use the leftover beads right in the centre of a pendant to give a new look.

  • Make beaded fringe

To jazz up the otherwise boring jewelry, one great way is to add beaded fringe. Along with beauty, this is functional because it hides the beadwork’s thread along the edges. The leftover beads that you have is perfect for this job.

  • Bead mix

If you go into any bead shop, you can buy this. But with leftover beads, you can do it yourself! So, if you have a lot of beads of the same shape and size in different colours, put them together to make a bead mix.

This is a great idea to use those little leftover beads with which you can make something truly unique.

  • Bead soup

Even though many people think both bead soup and bead mix are one and the same thing, it is not. Unlike bead mix which has the same shape and sized beads, the bead soup has a different shape, size, and colour of beads. So, if you have different beads from different projects, just group them all to make a unique bead soup.

  • Use it in a repair kit

It can be heart wrecking when your favourite piece of jewelry breaks and you don’t have the same beads to fix it. Of course, you can go to a bead shop and buy the whole bead set for your jewelry. But for repair, all you need is just a few beads. Now, this is where a repair kit comes to save the day. Keep the leftover beads in a container and store it. When the situation arises you can use these stored beads for repairing your jewelry.

  • Give them away

It is good to regularly sort out the beads that you have and get rid of the old ones that were leftovers from old projects. You can give these to your friends’ children to play with them. Just make sure that the children are old enough to play with them.

The bottom line

Having leftover jewelry beads around the house doesn’t mean you spent on unnecessary stuff. There will be times where the bead project you do might use little or more than the calculated amount of beads. So, rather than thinking you wasted money on those extra beads, try to make unique stuff. Chances are you will end up with something more amazing than you expected.