Three Important Items You Shouldn’t Overlook During Your Wedding Planning

Things you should and shouldn't do at a wedding

Planning a wedding can be quite hectic. This is because you need to make sure that everything is perfect for your big day. Some people prefer to do the planning by themselves while others opt to hire a planner to help them. This depends on how good you are at planning, whether you have enough time and whether you had budgeted for a planner. Good planning will help you get your solid gold wedding band on time. Whichever way you chose to go, there are important things you need to keep in mind. These small details are often overlooked and cause stress on the wedding day. Some of them include:

Seating chart

A seating chart may seem like a waste of time, but it is something that you should consider making. This will help your wedding flow smoothly and help keep people organized. Furthermore, your seating chart will help organize people in such a way that limits conflict. For example, it would be wise to seat people who don’t get along away from each other so that they don’t spoil your wedding. It will also help you seat the children together away from the adults. 


Wedding bands are also very important in your wedding planning. Most people leave the buying of rings until the last moment, which leaves them with limited choices when it comes to wedding bands. Wedding bands should be chosen as early as possible so that you can give the jeweler enough time to alter anything you request. For example, if you choose a 14k solid gold wedding band for couples with intricate designs, you may need to go in for multiple fittings and consultations before the design is perfected. If you give the jeweler short notice, they may do a hurried job and give you a low-quality solid gold wedding band.


After getting your 14k solid gold wedding band, you need to select music for the big day. No wedding is complete without music. The choice of music solely depends on you and your spouse. However, you need to interview the DJ or band that you want to hire early so that they have enough time to practice the wedding set song list. You also need to allocate time for a trial run to make sure that they have everything you wanted as per your request. You also need to discuss the volume of the music. The music should complement the ceremony. It’s not a party but a special day. They should know when to pause and slow down or take a break.